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“Dean Seltzer & The Redneck Mothers Rhymes With “A Good Time” Obviously that isn’t true in the literal sense, but when you go out to watch a Dean Seltzer & The Redneck Mothers (“DSRM”) show… you will have a good time. Well actually, in my experiences at the shows, everyone has had a GREAT time. I asked a few in the crowd about it… and got these responses: “Dean Seltzer & The Redneck Mothers make you feel like the party is going to blow the roof off the place and you want to be a part of it!” (Lonnie F.) “The band makes you feel like family. I come to as many shows as I can and just love them! There is some amazing talent onstage and they are sweethearts.” (Wanda M.) “The band puts on such a high energy performance ~ you feel energized! Going to a DSRM show is like going to a party! I can't wait to see this band 'blow up'!” (Pam F.) “I enjoy the energy. DSRM are very passionate about their music. The songs are down to Earth and catchy. I think they will”

“DEAN SELTZER: It’s Never Just A Performance…It’s Always A Party! Dean Seltzer tells it like it is… The back of his CD (in small print) reads "Copyright 2009 Dean Seltzer Band. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws and subject to criminal prosecution and all that legal type crap. Basically, please don't copy my shit. Thank you." And – “Hi – I’m Dean – I play music. Like any male musician on the planet I started playing guitar and singing to pick up girls and any guy with a guitar in his hands that tells you differently is a frickin liar.” But, you know what’s even better? He sings it like it is. His lyrics and emotion when belting out his original tunes are quite refreshing. Dean and his band “The Redneck Mothers” were just at The Firehouse Saloon last week. I enjoyed the performance. Really it wasn’t just a performance, it was a PARTY!”

“Austin-based Dean Seltzer fires off an unexpected cannon blast from the sometimes drab Red Dirt scene with Lady Luck, a concentrated burst of taucous country-rock with an emphasis on the "rock." Dean keeps Lady Luck loud and fast for the most part, coming off like an amped up, Texas-grilled version of Arizona's hook-happy Gin Blossoms. Even when the acoustic guitars come out and the tempos go down, as on "Huntsville" the intensity level never lets up - that is, until the closing breeze through Dave Loggins' "Please Come to Boston" a Shelli Coe duet that plays Like a well-earned encore.”

“Dean Seltzer describes his music as "high energy, obnoxious, redneck rock 'n roll." Well, he couldn't have said it better, because Seltzer's terrific new album titled "Lady Luck" is a hard-driving, rockin' amalgamation of Red Dirt and traditional country that is bound to make Dean Seltzer the biggest new Texas music star this year.Dean Seltzer's vocals pop with emotion and intensity on his new single titled "Anyway," which offers a memorable (and hummable) melody and catchy lyrics. This was the perfect choice for Seltzer's first single, as evidenced by the fast rise of "Anyway" on Texas country radio. The one thing you should know about Dean Seltzer is that he is honest to a fault. In his unofficial bio, Seltzer says: "Like any male musician on the planet, I started playing guitar and singing to pick up girls." And it is this no-holds-barred authenticity that makes this album so successful on tracks like "Version Of The Truth" and "Meteor Shower."...”