Deanna Knight Music / Press

"brilliant woodwind and guitar work, gorgeous vocals, and scintillating arrangements. Their debut CD, 'Gypsy Fire', is extremely impressive"

Steve Edge - Rogue Folk Club

“a generous, double-dare you voice”

Phillip Bast - The Record - KW

““a powerful singer, songwriter, with an energy that heals the soul””

Karla Ingleton - Seen Online Magazine

“it’s her voice that stands out – a vibrant, smoky voice… Echo Magazine”

Brent Hagerman - Echo Magazine

"her voice is unmistakable- and from the opening of her new CD, Shadow of a Star, it's obvious that voice has found its proper home among her own songs and a great band"

Jason Schneider - NightLife Magazine

"she has created organic, life affirming, Earth-loving musical art"

John Arkelian - Durham Council for the Arts

"As smooth as fine whisky, D's voice envelopes you and you are carried aloft. You simply drift away, unaware of the continuance of the world around you."

Sheree Marrow - Rambles

“Chanteuse Deanna Knight adds just the right sultry vocal spice to the mix, adding energy and sex appeal to the band’s infectious rhythms, making The Hot Club of Mars one of the most fun bands to see live – on this planet, or any other.”

Steve Hill - THE CHIEF – Squamish BC