Dean Ford / Press

"I have only seen Dean Ford once, way back when Panic at the Disco and Foxy Shazam took over the State Theater a year ago, but it was a performance I won’t soon forget. With a bedazzled jacket and a shock of electric pink hair, he made his presence known to everyone within the audience."

"CTRL, however, is an interesting beast unlike the Gagas and Madonnas that shaped my opinion and shame of the genre. Yes, the music is purely digital, but Ford’s charms are in the actual song writing. It’s pretty typical boy-girl back and forth stuff, but Ford knows the mechanics of writing pop songs and that’s what makes CTRL brilliant."

" 'Follow My Lead' is built around the big bounce, thrilling the way pop is supposed to be, something you can completely lose yourself in. Where lots of pretenders fail here is in thinking the whole song needs to be huge. Ford, a songwriting student, understands the need for dynamic changes in volume and energy, the value of a great bridge, knowing when too much repetition is too much."

“Now, I usually get into music at concerts but I don’t think I was ever as pumped in my life as I was when front man Dean Ford opened his mouth, everything felt so perfect about his style, from his clothes to his pop/alternative sound that resembles the lovechild of David Bowie’s ever-changing style, the clean, yet edgy image of Adam Lambert, with some smooth Hall & Oates sounds sandwiched in the center. Dean has the classiness of a pop group with the image that can steal any show away.”

“Dean Ford fronts the group with an acoustic guitar, dressed in skinny jeans and a necktie. His quiet offstage demeanor quickly subsides in favor of the natural-born performer within — Dean might be one of Portland's best rock vocalists.”

“The Goodnight Process have a little bit of the next-big-thing about them. Frontman Dean Ford has been working the all-ages circuit for years, gaining a reputation for smart lyrics well delivered.”