Deane Ogden / Press

“Deane gets right to the heart of a story through the magic of his compositions...every film director should have a composer like Deane at their side!”

"Deane Ogden has a very classy way of scoring movies that almost hearkens back to film noir or detective stories. It's a very modern feel, but it has a very classical sense to it."

"I can safely say that Deane was - and is - the best I've ever worked with. I honestly don't know how he did it, but the music transforms the film."

"a moody and evocative score from composer Deane Ogden that punctuated the film's beats and tonal shifts perfectly"

"After having gone through 300 resumes and interviewed close to 50 composers, Deane's work and his collaboration with the production team and the director were outstanding."

"Deane's work adds immeasurably to the impact of the documentary story, and we highly recommend him.”