Dean Brantley Taylor / Press

"Marc and Dean met over the net and quickly became a powerful songwriting duo ... Catchy melodies, great lyrics and tasty ear candy."

"Marc Blackwell and friends more than deliver on the initial promise Bring Me Trouble ...... It isn't often I can actually recommend every track on a project but I have no hesitation with this one. MUST HAVE class"

“WELL-CRAFTED POP/ROCK ~~~ This video skillfully combines the musical prowess of the band Mad July featuring lead vocals by Juliet Lyons with the artistic talent of Joy Corcoran to create a unique marriage of WELL-CRAFTED POP/ROCK and imaginative illustration.”

“Mad July Shines On Red Carpet With 2 Nominations At Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Mad July garnered both Best Alternative Song and Best Female Vocal nominations at the .... red carpet event held Nov 21 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.”

“Dean Brantley Taylor ... has chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which makes it hard for him to ... sing or play an instrument. It’s even hard to simply listen to music. “But, I’m in a band. Hallelujah!” he exclaims. You might be wondering how that can be. Well ...”