Dealer in Wares / Press

"'The kids are alright' is an understatement when it comes to Dealer in Wares, a Blues/Rock trio out of Olyphant Pennsylvania."

Michael Meade: CEO, Editor-in-chief - Tastes Like Rock! Music Magazine

"Hey Janis, nice job...shocking soul, sweet harmonica, nice blend of sounds. I'm impressed. Sarah has a good stage presence."

Judge - Keystone College Battle of the Bands

"I love the bluesy feel ... Solid, soulful performance. Can't find a thing wrong or off."

Judge - Keystone College Battle of the Bands

"Finally a female vocalist! Awesome and on pitch...Rock that harmonica!"

Manic Marc, DJ 98.5 FM KRZ after judging the Keystone College Battle of the Ban - 98.5 FM KRZ

"The surprise of the day - no the shock of the day, was the opening band, Dealer in Wares. These people had such a tight sound, such a full sound, and such a laid back vibe on stage. I expect great things from them very, very soon."

Plain Sam - DJ - 99.5 FM after hearing Dealer play at the Endless Mountain Blues - 99.5 FM

"Yzkanin's moody, sensual delivery sounds with a wisdom well beyond her years."

- Alicia Grega Pikul, Staff Writer - Electric City Weekly

"[Sarah has] an amazing gift. Plz dont waste it.Continue to share that wonderful & powerful voice with the world."

- Marvine Valentine, MVP Entertainment and Musical Director for Rebbie Jackson - Musical Director for Rebbie Jackson

"Solid...Your song has a good melody supported by interesting chords and a good hook. The judges appreciated the well done vocal performance. Well done"

Panel of Celebrity Judges from Mike Pinder (of the Moody Blues) contest - Mike Pinder's Song Wars

“I like to be careful with hype but no hype here. I've never heard anyone so soulful as you..., the incongruity being your ages. Your sound is beyond your years. Beyond and a little bit so I can only imagine what it will become! Enjoyed your performance immensely tonight."”

John Webster, DJ and radio personality from Rock 107's Daniels & Webster radio - Rock 107

“The prolific band boasts haunting melodies, grinding guitars, restless energy and libertine longing impossible to ignore. Early acclaim has only made it more determined to earn the success authorities assure is certain."”

Alicia Grega Pikul - Electric City

“Did Dealer In Wares have to sell their souls on the Olyphant By-Pass to play so well at such a young age? It just wouldn’t be the blues if we knew for sure".... ”

Rob Cee - Electric City Renaissance

“Led by the powerful vocals of Sarah Yzkanin . . . the Olyphant-based blues/rock band has already proved it can more than hold its own in a region filled with wanna-be rock stars”

“With the powerful lyrics and often-haunting voice of lead singer Sarah Yzkanin, Dealer in Wares could be described as Janis Joplin singing a Fleetwood Mac-influenced song with Jimmy Page on guitar. ”

Randy Shemanski - The Electricy City Weekly

“Surely, this year's winner for Best Original Band comes as no surprise. Contemporary blues rock trio Dealer in Wares is so freaking likeable you'll be compelled to hang around after shows volunteering yourself as a roadie.”

Alicia Grega-Pikul - Electric City's Best Of 2008

“it's just refreshing when you come across a group of teenagers with the passion and work ethic to dedicate themselves to their life's goals before they're old enough to buy a drink. ”

“With the favorable attention the band has received already, including winning the ec/dc online readers’ poll that earned them a spot in last September’s Dewey Beach Music Conference, it’s not a stretch to envision even better days ahead for this trio.”