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“Rod Willner is moving closer to DeafboyOne from Blue Mountains Australia to Northern Thailand where he is building a 'Mega Studio' for future DeafboyOne Productions. Watch this space in 2013”

“Raising money for DeafPlus and Action on Hearing Loss Pavlov and the Dogs, Kathryn Neal, El Wristo, Jo Butts, Donna Williams, Jakoko Casselden and many more Deaf interpretations of Music and Poetry at a fantastic night at The Porter Cellar Bar George Street Bath. May there be many more said DeafboyOne”

“article from ‘Private Eye’ 24 July 2009 Few miscarriages of justice appear to be as blatant as the case of Gary Critchley, who was 17 when he was convicted of a fatal hammer attack on a man called Edward McNeill in a London squat. How a jury ever found him guilty, how the appeal court upheld his conviction and how the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) can now refuse to send his case back for further consideration is extraordinary. His solicitor, Glyn Maddocks, is so outraged and exasperated at the criminal justice system’s refusal to correct what he says is “obviously a terrible mistake” is appealing for anyone to come forward. DNA samples would probably answer many of the questions; but police and prosecutors have told the CCRC they cannot trace the many items of forensic evidence from the case that should have been retained. In the early hours of Saturday 28 June 1980... ffi see www.justiceforgarycritchley.org 'Please dont let 30 years become 31 years. Regards Pete D”

“DeafboyOne meets Lady Starduzt on the radio - http://ia600705.us.archive.org/13/items/WallOfSound-051111/LadyStardust-WallOfSoundSaturday05November2011.mp3”

“Look at the Charts Look how they shine for you DeafboyOne http://www.reverbnation.com/main/bes_chart?artist_id=545342&genre=Singer%20Songwriter&genre_geo=Local”

“Status: We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Singer Songwriter charts for Bath, UK. www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone ”

“Welcome to Australia by DeafboyOne Video includes Voice over from Russell Crowe blistering Guitars from DeafboyOne and relentless Drumming from Rod Willner... Awesome!”

“Subliminal new video fro DeafboyOne entitled We dont have to shout anymore... awesome. The captioning are almost lip synched to perfection... Pete Waller”

“The SoundMan is dedicated to Rod Willner from the Blue Mountains Australia. He is the Sound Man. DeafboyOne”

“DeafboyOne does Ziggy Stardust and some covers Ziggy may have recorded if Bowies cranium decided not to kill off the artist known as Ziggy Stardust...”

“New if Girl shirts available DeafboyOne Shop http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone”

“New Bundy Babe shirts available DeafboyOne Shop www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone”

“Keep calm Carry on dirty n cheap clad in black shirt I love you... http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_545342 stay cool this summer DeafboyOne t shirts from ifuk fashion”

“Keep calm Carry on dirty n cheap clad in black shirt I love you... http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_545342 stay cool this summer DeafboyOne t shirts from ifuk fashion”

“Latest shirt design by DeafboyOne $6.99 http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_merch/artist_545342?item_id=1122482 dirty n cheap clad in black shirt I love you...”

“DeafboyOne writes new song DIRTYNCHEAP in BOLAN style. Celebrating with a T Shirt design of same name he exclaimed - If I could be half as good as Marc Bolan all my dreams would come true...”

“DeafboyOne writes new song DIRTYNCHEAP in BOLAN style. http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_545342 Celebrating with a T Shirt design of same name he exclaimed "If I could be half as good as Marc Bolan all my dreams would come true..." Amen”

“DeafboyOne writes new song DIRTYNCHEAP in BOLAN style. Celebrating with a T Shirt design of same name he exclaimed "If I could be half as good as Marc Bolan all my dreams would come true..." Amen”

“DeafboyOne opens DeafboyOne Shop http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_545342 includes Shirts Caps Mugs n latest Albums http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_545342”

“Detection plus One new song from DeafboyOne http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone new Album Stargazer plays his cards with Universe Wheel”

“if tomorrow ever comes... http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone DeafboyOne on ReverbNation”

“DeafboyOne Skull n Phones Picture now secured copyright approval (C) Mobtownchicago/M.Thomas Many thanks to Mark L thomas of Mobtown Chicago. Mark said he was 'Thrilled to help the cause!' DeafboyOne can now spread the word by any online visual means necessary... fabulous!”

“DeafboyOne Loves Lady Gaga x”

“DeafboyOne does Double Album called Sign Language. Many thanks to those involved http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_album/artist_545342?item_id=1080463”

“Seeing Lady Gaga on television this morning DeafboyOne joins her Little Monsters online Fan Club." She is stunning" says DeafboyOne”

“DeafboyOne opens an online shopping centre with ifuk range of if girl (and if boy) fashion items thongs, mugs, t-shirts, tank tops and coats check out http://deafboyone.spreadshirt.co.uk/”

“The Rolling Stones - the greatest rock n roll band in the world... says DeafboyOne. Check out You cant always get what you want... by DeafboyOne - http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_5328174 ”

“Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name.”

“http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone DeafboyOne does Rolling Stones the greatest Rock n Roll Band in the world”

“DeafboyOne saw Lady Gaga on Graham Norton Show and said 'She is a Bundy Babe!' <3”

“Shes a Bundy Babe is dedicated to all the babes who supported The Bundy Boys on their Inner West Tour of Sydney Australia 2009. You know who you are. Special thanks to Bundaberg Girls who on their promotion night at Town & Country Hotel defected to The Bundy Boys to become The Bundy Babes. Thankyou mwah x Pete DeafboyOne”

“Pissed again! A track by DeafboyOne. PRS Permission granted. think before you drink its a drug and wrecks lives http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_8562852”


“DeafboyOne does The Ramones Hey Ho Lets Go! http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone”

“DeafboyOne does The Ramones and says "I want the airwaves..."”

“DeafboyOne does version of Iggy Pop Lust for Life ends with a comment... Well I'm just a modern guy...”

“Love n Hugs n Rock n Roll... DeafboyOne”

“Twitter status: DeafboyOne is being recommended for music industry destruction award http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone Status - Anarchy”

“Twitter status: DeafboyOne is being recommended for music industry destruction award http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone Status - Anarchy”

“New track - Visions - I had visions of seeing you hear... http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone I never listened to the silent years I came to tell you something... DeafboyOne”

“I am dedicating the next DeafboyOne track on my ReverbNation site to a man who deserves recognition for flying the Bolan Rock Phenomena Flag. His name? BARRY THE GROOVER he is in THE GROOVE LOUNGE for a ONE OFF BOLANATHON on SATURDAY 7th May 2pm til 6pm SIMPLY TUNE IN TO THE WORLDS ONLY WEEKLY BOLAN RADIO SHOW ON CMRK”

“if tomorrow ever comes Live! is pretty tribal DrumboyOne took on an North American Indian beat I had me riff and BassboyOne just thundered the Bass til the dials fell off... unfknblvbl!”

“I always remember going down Fusion and moshing to Nancy Boy by Placebo. Perfect Mosh song. Thats why we did our version of it. Deaf memories. DeafboyOne”

“Went window shopping today... DeafboyOne does Stereophonics... I'm just looking... keeps me smiling... DeafboyOne theres lovely :)”

“DeafboyOne does The Bee Gees classic Stayin Alive Live with Gary Timmis on Bass Johnny Furlong on Drums - awesome!”

“DeafboyOne only hears you when you speak your mind...”

“DeafboyOne does The Smiths in memory of a good friend http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone (Ross Tickle R.I.P. 1959-1993)”

“DeafboyOne does The Beatles http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone inspired by The Bootleg Beatles gig in the park last weekend”

“Hi. If you want to help then please take your music to a new level and make it Deaf friendly... one day all Deaf and hard of hearing people will have the same access to and enjoyment of Music as hearing people enjoy today Pete DeafboyOne”

“DeafboyOne donates Song to 'Songs of Love for Japan.' "..its the least I could do for the people of Japan... my heart goes out to them"”

“Standing on the runway waiting for take off...”

“DeafboyOne does Hawkwind... DB1 pays homage to the Hawklords of the previous Century doremifasolatido... http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone”

“DeafboyOne does Jazz on http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyjazz just Cut n Paste Dont let me Dance Alone DeafboyOne”

“Angels of DeafboyOne include The if... Girls, The Bundy Babes and the gorgeous women from all quarters of the globe... femme fatales emerged from shadows to watch this creature fair...”

“Quote - I wear headphones to protect my ears and will do until my dying day... DeafboyOne”

“When asked, DeafboyOne found Mothers Day and Fathers Day very difficult times because his parents both died of Cancer within 6 months of each other in 2004...”

“DeafboyOne pounding the streets of Bath in search of film studio rehearsal studio and cyber cafe all under one roof. DeafboyOne goes into business...”

“DeafboyOne landed on English soil this morning. His first comment "Looking forward" was greeted with warmth by onlookers”

“If you wonder where DeafboyOnes other music is they're at www.reverbnation.com/thebundyboys www.reverbnation.comifuk and www.reverbnation.com/drummediadeafboyone If you like DeafboyOne music please make a donation to Tony Heyes Music Co-ordinator R.N.I.D. (Royal National Institute for Deaf people), Poolemead, Watery Lane, Bath BA2 1RN England. Remember Music is not just for Christmas...”

“Downham Arms London Road Wickford Essex on Saturday 13th November 2010 All Schools are Strange Raising money for Cancer Research Tickets gmjmusic@hotmail.co.uk Be there or be square DeafboyOne”

"its funny... from my perspective most major signed artists seem to want to get into your pants? I just want to get into your skull. I've shown you mine. You show me yours. lol" DeafboyOne discussing the music scene in general.

“DeafboyOne and Breeze reach Number One in the charts http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone with Dont Cry for me Argentina...”

“DeafboyOne collaborating online with musicians, film makers, interpreters and creative artists the world over...”

“extract from the Fast Show... "Today I am mainly eating Taramasalata" Dont ask why I felt compelled to write that but its bloody hard to fingerspell it!*#!!?! DeafboyOne”

“Russell Crowe encourages you to come to Australia with the help of The Bundy Boys and DeafboyOne. Surf Punk... you saw it first here...”

“Russell Crowe refuses to comment on his involvement with The Bundy Boys new punk surf instrumental "Welcome to Australia" by DeafboyOne”

“Please excuse me for the Interference by DeafboyOne aged 15. Only a few months after his ear drums were perforated in a freak accident at school on Tuesday 3rd July 1973... Heartfelt lyrics telling a story”

“We all make our own luck. Labour Under Correct Knowledge. DeafboyOne”

“I dont believe in the Charts anymore.... DeafboyOne”

“DeafboyOne seriously is not taking himself seriously... seriously... no... seriously! doh... overground underground wombling free thanks mike batt :)”

“Sequin is the Jewel in the Crown of the Bolan Boogie Rock n Roll Hall of Fame...”

“Just wanted to show my appreciation and recognise the wealth of talent out there... Stephen Luff (Ace MegaRex DJ, Producer and Communicator extraordinaire), Emilia Michaelska (EmiVenom Film Editor Video Genius and Psychologist), Rod Willner (Drummer, multi instrumentalist and Pro Tools genius) to name but a few... DeafboyOne”

“DeafboyBlues been round long long time longer than time itself and thats a long long time it all began with the Blues just wanna share Brothers and Sisters 1. Most Blues begin with, "Woke up this mornin.. 2. "I got a good woman" is a bad way to begin Blues, unless you stick something nasty in the next line, like, "I got a good woman, with the meanest face in town." 3. After you get the first line right, repeat it. Then find something that rhymes, sort of: "Got a good woman with the meanest face in town. Yeah, I got a good woman with the meanest face in town. Got teeth like Margaret Thatcher, and she weigh 500 pound." Read more: http://www.myspace.com/deafboyblues#ixzz0yS4eNgUM ”

“Shade of Uluru a song by DeafboyOne for the Anangu people of Central Australia the Red Heart being Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone ”

“Get it On DeafboyOne... thankyou Marc http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/song_details/4932121?play_now=true”

“Free Gary Critchley. Free the Songs. ALL DeafboyOne songs are now Downloadable for Free! So if you have a favourite track (Bowie Cover, Bolan Cover or Original) you can now save it forever! Save the Songs! BE FREE SONGS BE FREE! http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone and Free Gary Critchley while you're at it!”

“Take your Time. DeafboyOne track for the procrastinators of this world. I'm Deaf but please dont be my Dumbness... DeafboyOne”

“Inundated with Record Company Contract offers DeafboyOne response is a song called "DONT Gimme Gimme a Contract" Put that in your pipe and smoke it says the DB1 Music Mogul...”

“DeafboyOne and Breeze hit the long trail to the top with their emotive version of "Dont Cry for me Argentina" Storming into the ReverbNation Chart at 45 http://www.reverbnation.com/deafboyone How high can they climb..? Only time will tell. Rest assured Breeze UK friends and DeafboyOnes Australian friends will be listening intently...”

“BabyScream and DeafboyOne join forces to create the Lennon Classic Working Class Heroes... dripping with quality and emotionally charged, the respective songwriters Juan Pablo Mazzola and Pete Waller are said to be extremely pleased with the collaboration...”

“Two individuals on different sides of the same planet. Planet Queen Sequin Velvet and Bowiesque DeafboyOne take on a Bolan classic - Lifes a Gas... and as if it needed to be said... sometimes its possible to improve on a classic with feeling, belief and heartfelt joy...”

“Dont Cry For Me Argentina... Powerful rendition of a Classic song by two artists Breeze and DeafboyOne turn this epic into a poignant storyline with a hard edge rock 'feel' to the atmospherics. In a word. Awesome ! Pete Waller - Drum Media”

“Surfing the Radio Stations DeafboyOne stumbled over Ramoana Stone and LG73 Radio. He's dedicated The Knacks My Sharona to her. Calling it My Ramoana. Some people find it difficult... but others just have the knack...”

“New song called Never Mind the Bollocks Free Gary Critchley! by DeafboyOne creating interest in judicial and political circles as DeafboyOne brings Gary Critchleys plight to their attention. FaceBook in their infinite stupidity try to censor it...? ffsake wtf for?”

“ www.justiceforgarycritchley.org Never Mind The Bollocks! Free Gary Critchley! Taking 30 Years of an innocent mans life obscene + shameful”

"DeafboyOne duets with Deborah Peake (a Bolan Babe) on Dear Dear Prudence. A new perspective on a fine classic... like a good wine it grows on you.." Pete Waller - Drum Media

“DeafboyOnes prolific song production has reaped huge rewards taking the Oz Music industry by storm!!! http://www.nextunes.com.au/charts.php”

“DeafboyOne Thunderstorm video hits World News sites Top Ten... not bad for an indie group of online creative artists...”

"In the future visual stories and pop videos will be indistinguishable, deaf sign language will be easily understood by everybody across the world wide web, music will truly become a world language.

“on 4th March 2009 DeafboyOne MySpace recorded 300+ play hits in 24 hours! DeafboyOne is said to be "tremendously proud and grateful..." to his friends old and new”

“happy xmas war is over if you want it...? happy xmas... lets hope its a good one without any tears...”

“DeafboyOne is AdamAnt that he will play to the gallery... regardless of whose in it...”

“They Shoot Horses, Don't They? is a novel written by Horace McCoy and first published in 1935. The story mainly concerns a dance marathon during the Great Depression. It was adapted into a 1969 film by Sydney Pollack starring Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin and Gig Young.”

“Tolkien's writings have inspired many other works of fantasy and legendary musicians like Marc Feld aka Marc Bolan of Tyrannosaurus Rex and later T.Rex in the early 70s”

“Anarchy for You n Me! DeafboyOne”

“Wendys stealing clothes from Marks n Sparks... (it was Nico!) DeafboyOne All the Young Dudes”

“We'll dance our lives away in the Ballrooms of Mars... DeafboyOne”

“Theres got to be an Invisible Sun... DeafboyOne”

“Genetic engineers have taken the DNA from Marc Bolan, Ziggy Stardust and Johnnie Rotten to create a monster called DeafboyOne”

“All the young Dudes (Deaf Dudes) carry the news...”

“MySpace are disgusting... says DeafboyOne. They call my links from FaceBook "Spammer" sites. The War goes on... MySpace assholes”

“is DeafboyOne the basterd son of Johnnie Rotten...? heaven forbid!”

“DeafboyOne Videos blogging relentlessly around the world...”

“Anarchy for You and Me. New song by DeafboyOne dedicated to the Aussie spirit engendered by Ned Kelly... No Dogsbody...”

“Iggy and the Dum Dum Boys... DeafboyOne and The Bundy Boys... thankyou Mr Pop”

“Pete DeafboyOne joins Community Radio www.FM993.com.au - "Breakfast in Bed with Karen & Pete" every Saturday and Sunday morning 7-10am Sydney Australia time”

"Brainstorm first deaf punk/metal song Nik Turner good guy from Oxford..." DeafboyOne

“DeafboyOne aka Pete Waller on North Shore Radio "Karen & Pete Breakfast in Bed" every Saturday and Sunday morning on Sydney 99.3FM or go online http://www.fm993.com.au”

"I'm just a man... but I understand the wind and all the things that make the children cry..."

“acoustic explorer internet pirate”

“Emilia from Inowroclaw Poland causing a sensation on YouTube as "EmiVenom" creating clever concise video interpretations of the DeafboyOne rollercoaster that is rumbling through desolation rows of the internet..." catch her on http://www.youtube.com/user/EmiVenom”

"The Silent Revolution..." DeafboyOne

“'Deaf Sign Language and Music are the greatest combination of visual and audio Art I can imagine...' Leonardo Da Vinci”

“Ground Control to DeafboyOne...”

“One day all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people will have the same access to and enjoyment of Music as Hearing people enjoy today... DeafboyOne”