“The Fort Worth Weekly 2014 Awards Nominated Deaf Angel for: Best Female Performance "Run To Me" Best Guitar Performance "The Judge" Rock Album of the Year "Brutally//Beautiful"”

“In a continual effort to fulfill their “mission” to be heard loudly and clearly around the world, Deaf Angel has released their second CD Brutally//Beautiful. It’s both of that and more: all of the elements of the music, the ever-devilish screams from drummer Scott “Vantastic” Van Slyke are louder-“brutally” so; and Tina herself is a bit of a louder angel but nonetheless “beautiful”. Even so, they’re wondering if you’ve heard them-loudly and clearly.”

“The debut album of the metal band from Texas. Deaf Angel describe the name of the band as "the uncertainty in the moment where you wonder if anyone is listening. Are YOU even Listening?". And the answer is YES! "Brutally // Beautiful" is a flawless, solid album from the beginning to the end. Powerful, melodic, passionate and indeed brutally beautiful, Deaf Angel's first album is a metal gem! Get ready for a lot of head-banging, amazing vocals by Tina Downs and deadly jams by Lee Daniels (Guitar), Duston Daulton (Guitar), Steve Brandon (Bass Guitar) and Scott Van Slyke (Drums/Vocals).”

“After hearing the whole album from start to finish I have to say that Tina, Lee, Duston, Steve and Scott all pour their heart and soul into the finished product that graced my ear holes and showed that sometimes you have to touch on the topics of the darker sides of life and send messages of how to overcome trials and tribulations of life while keeping yourself sane and not letting the world consume your thoughts and your heart.”

The Epic Texan of 13 Steps Radio - The Epic Texan

“You better call a doctor, my face has officially be melted off! It's like that commercial where the guy sits down in a chair in front of his stereo, and turned it on! Then everything around him was blown away, that's excatly what it did to me. You guys freaking rock it out!!! Dio would be proud!!!”

“Deaf Angel is beyond superb to me. Their Metal melody consumes my soul with chaotic passion. Deaf Angel deserves a record deal, Most music post 2000 is better described as audible noise. Deaf Angel and a few others like them have the fortitude to RECLAIM the metal scene. HELL YEAH!”

James Sumrall - James Sumrall

“Downs’ voice sets We Will Rise apart from the ocean of other EPs from the local metal scene, a traditionally testosterone-y club. Not that guitarist Lee Daniels, bassist Kelly Robinson, and drummer Scott Van Slyke don’t know what they’re doing. Their chops are obvious, whether on the head-banging opener in “Rise Up” or during the melodic, almost hypnotic, “Goodbye,” the album’s penultimate track. They also know how to tone it down, as on the song’s finale, “Believe,” in which Deaf Angel cuts the power and goes acoustic, giving Downs’ piercing pipes the spotlight. ”

“97.1 The Eagle's - Loud and Local "Best of 2011 / NYE 2011" Artist”

“From track one to the end Deaf Angels latest EP "We Will Rise" will have you rising from your seat from the very moment it enters your cd player. Altogether a very harmonic and professional sound that only these 4 incredible individuals can bring. Each bringing thier own style and finesse makes this EP a must buy! -Marcus DeVaney”

Marcus DeVaney - Marcus DeVaney

“97.1 The Eagle's - "Band of the Week" (Dec 19th - 26th) / 97.1 The Eagle's - "Featured Artist" (Dec 12th - 19th) / Metalheadradio.com - "Featured Artist" (October 2011) / MetalXradio.com - "Featured Artist" (October 2011)”

“Thank you Deaf Angel for everything you have given me. The inspiration to better myself and overcome my past and the ability to move on. I can never repay each and every one of you for what yall have done for me. MUCH LOVE AND ROCK ON”

Marcus DeVaney - Deaf Angel Fan

“For those who never heard Deaf Angel or for those that are loyal followers. These guys are really awesome and it won’t be long till you see them on the billboard and dominating the charts because all of Deaf Angel truly cares for their fans. So sit down, open your eyes, and let her pain come though you. Relate it to your current life, and I promise you will know where each one of them is coming from. ”

"I listened to each track on “We Will Rise” five times at least a piece, and I’ll tell you it really sucks you into it, can’t believe I just now heard of you guys. -Keep it up \M/ "

Steven Barker owner of Riot United - Riot United Radio

“Being assertive and open-hearted is a challenge to any singer-songwriter who wants to write about his or her life, especially her life and rock music is and probably will always be mostly a boy's game, except in Tina’s case!”