deadwood social club / Press

"Holy sweet mother of fuck!!! Organic is not the word... This is the way forward bigsack!!! Cool beans!!! The best i've heard here.. easily!!"


"...keep up the good work i found it soothing and my mood changed..."

Denise A: - ~Totally HOT Times~

"Your stuff is earthy, from the gut..." ps (but so is dog shit)

Lisa: Artist Extraordinaire - LMS Digest

“The music itself is anxiety-provoking. I'm not a musician so I can't use technical terms, but a lot of the time ...the underlying beat is that of an irregular heartbeat. It's impossible to feel peace listening to it...”

Lisa: Artist Extraordinaire - LMS Free Times

“northside turn it down or turn it off...tune me in or tune me out...bloody yellow brain jello the ultimate disease...”

Larry Penman - northside open Marilyn mic Tuesday

“Wednesday @ Wooltex for Eartha's show closing was a happening with warm atmosphere, shared music, and many smiles.”

Larry Penman - "self-digested"