Dead Winter Carpenters / Press

“With one listen to Dead Winter Carpenters’ “Easy Sleep,” you’ll get a strong sense of where this California band is coming from.”

CMT Edge

“Judging from its penchant for California country, North Lake Tahoe band Dead Winter Carpenters sounds like it has its finger on the quickening pulse of a “high-mountain-town vibe.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Effortless five-part harmonies, capped off by the sweet, soft voice of Charles, bring a surprising smoothness to the tone of the entire EP. Each track tells a story, just as each instrument and voice coalesces into the band’s rich and textured sound.”

review by Thandiwe Ogbonna - No Depression

“If anything, DWC are more like alt-bluegrass pioneers New Grass Revival…fun, kick-up-your-heels live experience.”

Relix Magazine - On The Verge

“[DWC] maintains an instrumental preciseness and vocal timing of which their days and long nights on the road shine through.”

San Diego Examiner

“Northern California’s Dead Winter Carpenters blend bluegrass, country and rock in a high-energy, roots-rocky mix sure to get you up on your good foot.”

Portland Tribune

“From the shores of North Lake Tahoe come the Dead Winter Carpenters — a group of five musicians who are blending footstompin’ tunes with a bit of Tahoe spirit.”

Julie Brown - Moonshine Ink

“With over 3,900 musicians applying in the first three weeks, April’s pick for Bozeman Magazine / ReverbNation artist of the month [is Dead Winter Carpenters]”

Bozeman Magazine

“Tahoe's Band of the Year 2011"”

Tim Parsons - Lake Tahoe Action

“For a band that cites the Fibonacci Sequence as an inspiration for its moniker, the devastatingly original sounds of North Lake Tahoe’s The Dead Winter Carpenters are completely accessible.”

Good Times Weekly: Santa Cruz, CA

“The Dead Winter Carpenters are building a career”

Sierra Sun

“With a mix of melodic Americana that melds foot-stomping energy and hushed poignancy, Dead Winter Carpenters’ Ain’t It Strange plays like a veritable diary on tape.”

Relix Magazine

“Dead Winter Carpenters, a group known for their live shows, have matched that fire in the studio.”


"Dead Winter Carpenters seem poised for national success".

"The band that is spreading the Tahoe Vibe"

Julie Brown - Moonshine Ink

“[DWC]...put on a tour-de-force performance, demonstrating why their fan base...is fervently devoted and steadily growing"”

Sierra Sun

"The quintet blends classic elements of roots and country music with choice influences from throughout rock history, including the Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Townes Van Zant, that elevate them above your average newgrass hybrid".

“Dead Winter Carpenters should bring an interesting change of musical pace for the weekend, and fans of American roots music should jump at the chance to experience one of the newer voices on the scene.”

“The band melds rock, ragtime, alt-country and bluegrass.”

"Emergent Genre Blenders on Early Fall Tour".

“The Dead Winter Carpenters are making a highly anticipated appearance at Whistler’s Café!”

The Mountain-Ear

“New Group Merges SF and Lake Tahoe Bands”