Dead Sevens / Press

“Alienated, the new disc from the St. Mary’s/Topeka band is a rock and roll tour de force, that’s been giving the Sony’s in my Ford P.O.S a Tae Bo workout since day one of obtaining it over a week ago. With Jesse Ells on bass and Dave Morse on drums backing them, Doug Griffin and Chuck Mioni on guitars lay down riffs so hot you’ll want to grab those Air Guitars and play along. Paul Schneider, producer extraordinaire and the party animal behind the extremely popular and slightly twisted Black Solo Cup video extravaganza has once again shown how he earns his keep. Mr. Schneider has nothing but good things to say about the band - “The Dead Sevens have been great to work with. They are different than anything out there right now and they work hard for their music. That gives them a great shot at hitting it big." ”

“Dead Sevens rock the Boobie Trap”

“Dead Sevens to rock the Trap”

“Dead Sevens get lucky at Topeka Boobie Trap”