Dead On TV / Press

“Chicago’s Dead on TV follow up 2012’s Fuck You, I’m Famous with the just-released Creeper, and from the opening bars of the title track it is apparent that the 4-piece outfit is taking punk rock in exciting new directions (even as they reference new wave’s glory years rather directly). The title track is the closest thing to Fireside Bowl pop-punk, while “Pour Your Heart Out” channels that big Chicago guitar sound (Naked Raygun, Shot Baker) while slyly referencing Echo & the Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” and Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” Further along, “Screwdriver” is sexy glam/goth in the vein of The Cult and The Lords of the New Church, while “Pornography” is catchy and keyboard driven. Creeper wraps up rather nicely with a hardcore cover of the Tears for Fears hit “Pale Shelter” and (first single) “I’m Easy,” which recalls the trashy good old days of punk rock when dead boys spread germs in desperate big citi”

“Highly enjoyable rock n roll ridiculousness about sin, sanity-challenging, drugs, and narcissism. Basically an indictment of any rock n roll that isn't about all that stuff. Delightfully, they manage to be slickly shoddy or shoddily slick, created ragged punk that sounds like radio pop without fitting into any exact niche.”

“...an EP full of lo-fi production and scathing lyrics that tear down virtually all aspects of modern life, from politics to the media? This is where Dead on TV’s Fuck You, I’m Famous comes in, presenting five songs blazing by at 12-and-a-half minutes like a one-two punch to your ears. Dead on TV virtually explode with in-your-face punk energy, augmented by some squelchy synths for good measure. But make no mistake, this is pure punk without the need for gratuitous flourishes beyond the touch of synths, and those without an ear for the style may certainly be put off by the EP’s brevity and attitude. The band clearly has no qualms about offending the status quo and challenging notions of social acceptance; just as a good punk band should do. For all of this, Fuck You, I’m Famous is a fine EP that is sure to sate the appetite of anyone looking for a jolt of musical adrenaline.”

“Reason for 5 stars and this review is track 12. F*** You, I'm Famous(Single edit) by Dead On TV. The track listing spells the song title, Amazon won't let me. Brilliant punk song that could be from the 70's except it's better than nearly all late 70's punk. Cool 10 second stereo opening then we rock. High speed singer keeping up with killer guitar & drums sings a little. At 39 seconds the song title chorus hits us and they win. More lyrics, zooming band then the chorus and we win, guitar and drums feature neat intense punk play then the chorus and everybody wins. Under 3 minutes, out of breath, we hit play again. 3 man band make better noise in 3 mins than many bands make in an album. Love it. Track is available as single download thru Amazon.”