Deadly Fists of Kung Fu / Press

“No one can ever say that the DFDK are guilty of shoe gaze rock or taking themselves too seriously; some songs were introduced with comedic abandon by Hurt, rebutted by Hobbs and then clarified by Touchette in an entertaining, old-school vaudevillian fashion. One brave audience member tried to throw in a smart remark only to be shot down by the Hobbs, Hurt and even a few people in the crowd. The band might crack jokes and have a good time, but messing with the Deadly Fists of Kung Fu could render one embarrassed.”

“Deadly Fists of Kung Fu (are) P-town locals by day and alt-rock super-heroes by night, these guys are one of the most stylistically creative bands around.”

Sam Baltrusis - Pensacola Independent News

“The Deadly Fists of Kung Fu have been filling the empty gaps in the sonic spectrum with screaming guitars and a brutally tight rhythm section for a few years now. With more hooks than a tackle box and riffs that'll strip paint, these four sand-rats have put smiles on the faces of drunken shrimpers and the hippest of indie rockers from Tampa to Charlotte and all points in between. Too good to be ignored and just too stubborn to quit. Grab a couple of party chugs and let yourself fall prey to the Sunshine State's finest. ...in this savant's humble opinion, these fellas have got the goods. Jump on the Scratch…”

Tom Bagby - Chunklet Magazine

“From the band's comic book character Web page wallpaper to the little superhero action figure that stands on an amp during its set, the childhood pleasure has plenty of presence in the band's style– Deadly Fists of Kung Fu packs a wallop!”

Emily Lullo - Pensacola News Journal

“Straight forward no‐frills rock and roll…  definitely one of the tightest  bands frequenting the bar scene in Pensacola.”

Bradley "BJ" Davis Jr - Independent News