Dead Larry / Press

“Dead Larry may not have made it to space but this band of funky friends definitely is going places. The Iowa City natives, fresh off a relocation to Minneapolis, released their fourth CD, “Never Made it to Space,” on March 1 and embarked on a nine-state tour that brings them back home Friday. “This is our biggest and longest tour that we’ve ever been on and it’s very exciting,” says Joe Scarpellino, bass and vocals. “We’re very happy to be at a point where we can do th is.” ... The group’s collection of five infectious tunes was recorded during December and January at The Terrarium, a Minneapolis recording studio with a client list that includes Prince, Beck and Pink. Scarpellino says the songs were designed to be played on the radio....”

"Iowa City’s DEAD LARRY has struck again, with a new album titled “…as the radio…”."

"The music was vibrant in the summer heat as the excitement of the weekend kicked off on Thursday evening with a pre-party....Dead Larry...presented a gripping start to the festivities. With diversity not only musically but also in the artistic talent present there to entertained and expanded your mind."

"An all too short set by psychedelic funk pop band, Dead Larry, from Iowa City, Iowa, was all I needed to realize where the great music truly was. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Mark McGuiness screamed his lyrics with rock 'n' roll conviction to the raw and dark simplicity of the musical compromise that is the rest of the band. Each member worked their musical niche to create something greater than themselves that is Dead Larry."

“A beautiful thing happened during Dead Larry’s set: Someone in the crowd yelled out, during a semi-quiet moment between songs: “Who are you? Where are you from?” Repeatedly. Until she got an answer...After I let this moment sink in, I listened as Mark, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, shared with the crowd the story of how the band got it’s name. “A guy… died. His name was Larry.” Somehow, the band got into Larry’s house, drank his liquor and stole his clothes. Mark claims he was wearing the clothes on stage today. I believe it."”

"Do you remember that great band from high school? Those guys who played in basements, who knew how to have fun and knew the girls who wanted to party? The Iowa City band, Dead Larry, may be the best such band ever. Their second full-length album, …As the Radio, demonstrates that Dead Larry hasn’t lost their boundless, youthful energy. Some of the innocence of youth remains in their infectious, positive groove, yet they’re worldly enough to sing songs about loss and fear with real honesty. Dead Larry’s music combines psychedelic rock, funk and pop to create a non-stop party."

"The funk masters in Iowa City’s Dead Larry lay a drunken, psychedelic piece of groove cake on the table with the group’s first full-length release, Story Time. The pseudo-concept album pays homage to the fast-paced rock ’n’ roll of the ’70s combined with funkified, soulful choruses and rhythms."