Dead Hand Projekt / Press

“Those of us that are familiar with Taury Goforth know that he is inspired by all elements of music and it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear him blend in bits of other genres.”

“The work is expressing an own sound approach, which sometimes has a little retro-touch (reminding me to the 90s)... Dead Hand Projekt is gaining in experience and global maturity.”

“... one of my favorite releases from the Vendetta camp this year ... full of hip slamming, feet stomping, nasty tracks that will definitely get your body moving.”

“Dead Hand Projekt will bring about a feeling of fist pumping nostalgia.”

“If you listen to an act on Vendetta, or one called Dead Hand Projekt, you're already expecting it to be heavy and menacing, and although it's easy to make an artist guilty by association, Taury is the real deal.”

“... makes one want to go play on a dance floor, with the speakers cranked up to near breaking point.”

“... the band doesn’t leave you without a strong sense of where Dead Hand Projekt is coming from or how big it is going to get. The only thing it leaves you with is a desire for more.”

“DHP is ... pushing its way into the scene and fucking up anyone that gets in their way.”

“I will be definitely on the hunt for more material from this band, I think they will be one to watch out for.”

“An Incredible Flashback of Genius! ...There is no sense of adapting to the mainstream, but a nice underlying theme of 'f**k you.”

Joshywa Schrader - Asociated Content

“There is a new beast in the genre who is going [to] devour the competition!”

Amy Reynolds - COMA Music Magazine (Review - Self-titled album - 2010)

"Most original album I've heard in this scene in years. This band kicks ass."

Ted Phelps - Imperative Reaction