Dead Fame / Press

“Seriously, I don’t need to say anything more about Dead Fame (pictured above) than I already have this past year. Just listen to them. The group has its debut EP coming out early next year and they’ve made such an impression on me, I’m excited to see what happens next.”

"Indie rock band Dead Fame just formed this year and are already taking Richmond by storm. They take many styles of bands like The Cure, Bauhaus and New Order, and you can hear plenty of influences from New Wave and electronic music of the early 1980s. However, the group adds its own dark style into the mix, keeping it fresh and contemporary."

"It’s so beautifully obvious which bands Dead Fame had huge crushes on when they started writing songs. With their gothic cues, the newly formed group seeps personality in every lyrical swoon and electronic dash. Their songs could find a home as the soundtrack to a Bret Easton Ellis party or in the dirges of a society missing its core. Dead Fame’s new wave sensibilities are very much at home in a city whose eclectic nature continues to flourish. Dead Fame will be playing the Balliceaux Showcase at the RVA Music Fest on Saturday September 10."

"I have often stated that everything has been done in regard to music, but how you mesh your own ideas, creativity and originality to a sound you want to emulate is the lure. Dead Fame has made this transition beautifully and despite being a young band on an old scene, I expect this quintet to be even better as it earns more exposure and familiarity through live performances and recording."