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“Dead Belgian's deliciously ramshackle approach deconstructs Brel the myth and icon to reclaim him as a street musician, chanson maestro and people's champion. The Band have their very own Piaf in Fionnuala Dorrity, delivering passion and intensity in bundles over arrangements that hit exactly the right levels of throwaway charm, joy, sorrow, frenzy and fraught desperation”

“Kudos to Dead Belgian for breathing oxygen into Jacques Brel’s poignant, dark poetry. Whatever project strikes their fancy next, I’m all ears. ”

“Four live Liverpudlians tackle the most familiar highlights of Jacques Brel’s songbook, creating settings dense with mandolin and ukulele . The disdain of “La Haine” and “Les Bourgeois”... the seedy “Amsterdam” give way to the closing “My Death”, as histrionic as Bowie. ”

David Honigman - The Financial Times

“There’s little more satisfying than hearing a band take another artists work and make it their own but still staying true to the original artist. This is something that Dead Belgian have done with Jacques Brel’s music.”

“I hit this album with very few pre-conceptions, approach with an open mind and you won't need to spend all that time in the left field. "Love and Death: The Songs Of Jacques Brel" is an excellent experience that I'm happy to recommend to anyone. ”

“''Love And Death'' weaves between playful abandon, a delicate sparseness and compelling theatre.....Dead Belgian have created a sound that is all their own, remaining true to the spirit of Jacques Brel’s music and poetry.'' ”

“‎'Love and Death' is an impressive and welcome debut. If you don’t know Brel, start here then get a compilation of his. If you do know him, buy this anyway and reward a spunky new band as well as your ears. ”

“''Dead Belgian blew us away with a stunning performance of power, beauty & finesse'' ”

Walthamstow Folk Website

“If you like the idea of Nico/Edith Piaf singing Jacques Brel backed by the Arcade Fire, get to the next Dead Belgian gig. ”

Stuart Wilks-Heeg - twitter

“Dead Belgian combine the story telling beauty of Brel's work with European Folk influences and interesting instrumentation to create something truly unique.”

Your Move Magazine

“'Bringing the songs of Jacques Brel to an English speaking audience with near missionary zeal' ”

Liverpool Daily Post April 2010

“‘Alternating between French and English, singer Fionnuala Dorrity lives the songs as Brel did - coquettish during "Madeleine", passionate in "Ne Me Quitte Pas" and tortured in "Au Suivant". Highlight of the set though was the concluding "Le Moribond", a rousing and upbeat version which will cast out memories of Terry Jacks and Westlife for ever' ”

The Word April 2010