Dead Cat Bounce / Press

"Steckler and his game-changing sextet wield this thesis like a sculptor with an industrial laser."

State of Mind

"...groovy, challenging, mercurial, and satisfying new release...."

Boston Globe

"As a pure journey of sound, Chance Episodes tells an impressive story."

All About Jazz

"Dead Cat Bounce brings a joyful, exuberant voice to the sculpture garden party."

NYC Jazz Record

"DCB revels in a reed-driven sound marked by sharply contrasting forms, textures and tones...strident, joyful, lush and strutting use of a horn section."

Mike Joyce - Washington Post

"What carries through each piece is Steckler's gift for rich voicings among four horn players... Dead Cat's music doesn't joke around."

Mike Shanley - Jazz Times

"Dead Cat Bounce epitomize the best of the Boston jazz scene – to make the most of working outside conventional commercial structures, to treat a band as a workshop of ideas, to look forward while drawing on the best of the past. Think of Mingus’s swirling counterpoint and rhythm shifts with the similarly rich voicings and solo-ensemble balance of the World Saxophone Quartet. What more could you ask for?"

Jon Garelick - Boston Phoenix

"What one remembers most about it are the compulsive, seething grooves and the brawling saxophones... Great Stuff all around: for sheer snaggletoothed excitement Home Speaks to the Wandering is hard to beat."

Nate Dorward (also ranked DCB in Top 10 Exclaim! Magazine ) - Cadence

"[Matt Steckler’s] whip-smart sextet of four saxes, bass, and drums rolls through his multi-sectioned compositions with toe-tapping ease. Skewed tangos, deviant marches, churchy hymns, and dissonant abstraction, swing band riffs, collective improvisations, and individual solos roll and tumble their way over funky vamps, swinging grooves and unclassifiable beats. Great ensemble playing, high spirits, an endearing, but twisted, sense of fun make Dead Cat’s second release a winner."

Ed Hazell - Signal To Noise

"I am sure you will be impressed by the great writing, the originality of style, the wide variety of moods, individual solo efforts and most of all, a real group that is single minded and totally involved in the music."

Dave Liebman - liner notes - Legends of the Nar

"With Dead Cat Bounce twentysomething Boston saxophonist Matt Steckler livens up the mix: incorporating a sensibility weaned on rock and at least on speaking terms with jam bands, the music easily morphs from straight-ahead jazz rhythms into a cool backbeat, a tango lilt, or a punk-derived pulse… The writing offers enough variety to occasionally make you forget that all the music comes from these same six guys."

Neil Tesser - Chicago Reader, Critic's Choice