DAZE / Press

“Daze debuted on the fm radio scene in New York City with Hit Single "Shorty is Mine" Feat. Nate Vokalz off his "According 2 Me" album. 1st Spin was at 9:55pm. The song was requested and was played again at 10:38pm. 06.07.08”

Dj Eddie Veterano - The Last Stop LaMetro 95.9fm

"Daze is an artist that I feel is detrimental to the state of Hip Hop right now! His flow coupled with his amazing production will be a problem for most mainstream artist if true hip hop heads decided to take a stand for real, true and genuine music!"

Ladysteele - www.Rantsofsteele.com

"Daze is without question one of the best Latino rappers to get on a mic. Daze definitely is in the category of other great Latino Rappers such as Big Pun , Nore , Etc. He has tremendous command over the balance and use of Spanish and English in his music while bridging the gap between hip hop and Spanish Music. Daze is the living epitome of hip hop in its rawest and truest form."

Brooklyn Black - Pregame Radio

"Daze is an artist full of passion and energy that puts more than double himself into making quality music. Its music people can relate to and love, for that i have nothing but respect for him.

Ms.Mandy - Big Thangz

"Daze has the confidence and poise of an Emcee that is seasoned beyond his years. His witty flow demands your attention and keeps you focused on what he is saying. Definitely a voice that needs to continually be heard on the Hip Hop Scene."

"UNTOUCHABLE Unsigned Artist of the Week: Daze (GSD Worldwide)"

"With his rapid fire flow , lyrical ability and nonstop work ethic he plans on taking his movement GSD worldwide."

"He has that creative persona that comes across on its own vibe."

Loida "Leona" De Leon - NiteLine Magazine

"On stage or sitting in a coffee shop, DAZE brings with him the same sincerity that he puts into his music."