Days of Tomorrow / Press

“First off, let me say that this review may be biased because I love indie rock, and these young men play the style incredibly well. The instrumentalists are all very talented, and for that to be so clear through the questionable recording quality, is saying something. The band itself reminds me very heavily of Kings of Leon style music, with some Oasis-style melody. The singer is averagely talented, but uses his voice to it's full capacity (for example, the soft, whispered vocals in "Ode to Humanity" are chilling). The guitarists and drummer really are what set this band apart from the pack, in my opinion.The guitars are fairly technical, but not to the point of it being robotic. The guitars seem to solo throughout the entire song, but they avoid being showy by being infectiously melodic. The drummer is immensely talented, putting thrash-style drum fills into light alternative rock, and, more impressively, doing it tastefully. The bassist, in short, makes me want to dance. 9.5/10”