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“YOU are awesome!”

Karen Johns & Company from Franklin, TN

“Fantastic vocals, and vocal range Stephen!!! You are an Awesome singer!!!”

TReyes from Bethel, ME

“You rock !!!!”

Audio Storm from Tauranga, NZ

“You've got an awesome range of vocals!”

Shana VonShe from Atlanta, GA

“You've got such a strong voice..great projection!”

Gary Nannini from Nashville, TN

“Awesome rock and vocals at your place! I like it very much!”

Karlheinz Fey from Holzminden, NI DE

“Love your music!! Wishing you the very best success!”

Matthieu Coquard from Soissons, FR

“Great sound and nice strong chords!!”

MARR-Moz experience from San Antonio, TX

“Stephen great sounds and talent ... I am listening again”

Debra - Songs of Debra from St. George, UT

“great tone you have there”

Seven Faces from North Tonawanda, NY

“You sing like Bruce Dickinson! Awesome!”

Gods of Mischief from Rock Grass Valley, CA

“Hi Stephen, I'm the vocalist (Joette), and I've gotta say, after listening to your samples..... YOU FRIGIN' ROCK!!! Love to hear a great rock/metal voice with such texture”

Joette Burke - Turbulence from Wailuku, HI

“You have some pipes on you my brother!”

GodStrong from Moundsville, WV

“Hi Stephen.... your voice is really awesome.. We hope we can work together someday.”

Victorian from Bandung, ID

“Waow ! great talent Stephen!”

Red Cloud from Toulouse, FR

“you have great sound and energy”

Heleana Maria from Olathe, KS

“You sound great!!”

musical artist Lisa Imondi

“You have a great voice”

Rising Son from Indianapolis, IN

“Great voice man”

MyRiaN'z InFiNi-T KoMpL-X from Oakville, ON, CA

“Anytime your in omaha ... you and your AWESOME pipes are welcome.”

Shawofomaha from Omaha, NE

“Reminds me of some good ole Metal Church vocals.”

3RD ZEN from Grass Valley, CA

“HI!! are you sure youre not bruce dickinson? what a voice”

DiLeo Music from Foresthill, CA

“Killer pipes, man! You remind me a little of Midnight from Crimson Glory (RIP). To hear a good hard rock/metal singer (a rare treat these days) always gets my blood pumping. Awesome.”

Scott Henson from Chattanooga, TN

“Great voice!”

Crown of Earth from Jenkintown, PA

“Stephen, LOVE your voice, so powerful and true!”

Greg and Susan Dirks from Iowa, IA

“love ur music”

Shamrock from Portmore, JM

“cool vox”

Dan E. Hodges from Beaumont, TX

“cool vocals”

Rob Cowan - Dreamstream from Tracy, CA

“Hey Stephen Brad, Killer vocals! \m/”

Shehara from Columbo, LK

“Hi Stephen . Wicked vocals. Love your sound. Your voice is similar to the dude who sings for Billy Talent, you kind of even resemble him. However you can take your voice up to a much higher range. Your awesome dude. In my opinion you have the look and voice to be an awesome singer. Rock On!!!”

Marky H. - Silver Knuckle from Winnipeg, MB, CA

“Your voice reminds me of a early 90's Mike Howe of metal church. Definitely a compliment!”

Just Dave from Beecher, IL

“you've got some serious pipes”

Rudy Ramirez from Makawao, HI

“man you got a hellava vocal range”

Terry Fenwick from San Diego, CA

“Great singing dude!”

CWB Evil Porject from Curitiba, PR, BR

“I just listened to your samples and WOW do you have a powerful voice! Sounds a little like Geddy Lee from Rush”

Rachel Lahr fom Folsom, CA

“You have an AWESOME voice for metal!”

Misty Stevens from Bloomington, IN

“Fantastic voice!”

Jarrod Neufeld from Canada

“You have a great voice”

Lars Uddberg from STOCKHOLM, SE

“Great vocals! Very good!”

Harry V Singer/Songwriter from Koningsbosch, LI, NL

“Really like your sound, very great vocals, i love that edge and control you have , I am a Steven Tyler fan too, your voice has that signature edge.”

Gerald Harris from Louisville, KY

“Awesome Vocals!!!”

Scott Alan from Brick, NJ

“rockin vocal work :)”

Magic Marker from Hot Springs Village, AR

“Great pipes brotha! Awesome voice!!!”

Static Overdrive from Hazel Park, MI

“Hey Stephen, you've got a killer voice, reminiscent of Rob Halford. Awesome!”

The Begowatts from Madison, WI

“Hi Stephen. Your voice is killer I hear a lot Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in your tone and style. ROCK ON !!”

Mister Wonderful from Harrison, NY

“You have a great voice!”

Lipstick Monkey from Lublin, PL

“Hey, what song is that you're singing to in the first sample? You sound a lot like Geoff Tate. Is it Queensryche?”

Bat Eats Moth from Cottonwood, CA

“Hey Stephen! I listened to your samples. I especially liked the Iron Maiden style vocal”

Jay Cook - Sound 9 Productions from Salem, OR

“Man you have a really nice voice , and are very talented...your voice reminds me of the great days of Halford from Judas Priest.”

ORGANIC from San Lorenzo, PR

“You have a real great and strong rock voice, Stephen!”

Marek Starx from East SK, SK

“You have an amazing voice!”

Rob W. Carlson from Lexington, MA

“enjoy very much your voice”

Alpha Dogs from Ccs, VE

“amazing sound !! Love it!”

The Lonely Teardrops from Norfolk, VA

“awesome! oyu sound like Bruce Dickinson!”

Mike Kerr from Vineyard Haven, MA

“You sound great a Bruce Dickinson sound!”

Off to the Moon from Bloomington, IL

“Amazing voice you have!”

The Ghost of Black Forest from Clinton, IL

“You voice sounds great!”

Rob W. Carlson from Lexington, MA

“Great pipes you have there!!!”

Sekond Skyn from Freehold, NJ


Sami from Moonachie, NJ

“Your voice sounds great”

Dark White from Anaheim, CA

“Hi Stephen, I LOVE your music”

Josephine from Reverbnation

“Love your sound!”

Diane Nicole from Atlanta, GA

“You have a great sounding voice - You remind me alil of Axle Rose”

MutantKamp from Williamstown, NJ

“You have nice, strong, expressive voice! Reminds me of Dio!”

Alan Seibert from Grover Hill, OH

“your vocals are top-notch, very powerful”

Greg Stevenson from Portage, WI

“Hey Stephen! Dio voice!”

Joe Lyell from Carterville, IL

“Love your sound”

Olivia Z from Fallbrook, CA

“You have a vocal talent I can only wish I had. Outstanding voice!”

David Jerkins - Battlestations from Dothan, AL

“You have a killer-ass voice”

Bill Richards from Dothan, AL

“That sounds amazing”

Cup Sex from Ava, NY

“You have a cool sound”

Blue Royale from Houston, TX

“What a powerful voice you have!!”

Welcome To Concrete from Los Angeles, CA

“Steve - you have a great voice buddy!”

NorthernAdult from Warrington, UK

“You sound AWESOME!”

Dara from Houston, TX

“You've got an awesome voice”

Blaze Belushi from Davie County, NC

“You do sound similar to Ronnie James Dio.”

tpkdrummer from Plant CIty, FL

“Wow, great sound... And I can hear your love for Bruce, though you have your own style. I'd love to work with you!”

Gino Marino from Ocala, FL

“Cool voice, sounds like a mix if Iron maiden, dio, and acdc”

Mirro from West Babylon, NY

“It's clear you have a voice for prog metal, I hope to hear more!”

Jesse - Agora Forte from Saint Paul, MN

“Great voice and musical instincts!”

KURVE from Sheridan, WY

“Stephen, you have a Great voice! =)))))”

Eternal Love from SPB, RU

“You have a Dio voice. Awesome!”

Joe Lyell from Carterville, IL

“Great voice on the cover.. Metallica!”

Myth-Ra Raised from Virginia Beach, VA

“Great voice, I like it very much !”

Wood's Studio's from Bredstedt, DE

“You have great vocals. Very powerful voice.”

Ayanda Sunshine from Brooklyn, NY

“I really like your voice. Really cool rock tone!”

Says She from Cleveland, OH

“I love your sound”

SkyBlew from Carrboro, NC

“We are diggin your live samples, awesome vocals.”

Ringwerm from Lake Elsinore, CA

“Great voice bro”

Rick Horner from Richmond, TX

“Stephen you sound great!”

The Brandon Davidson Band from Gastonia, NC

“I love your music!”

THUMPUS from New York, NY


JWP from Vacaville, CA

“Really cool vocals you have”

Greyson Turner from Spartanburg, SC

“Great voice! Sounds like something between Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate :)”

Road To Evenmind from Hertzliya, IL


Sunday Quorum from Miami, FL

“Awesome talent you have there!”

Oktober Melon from Siloam Springs, AR

“You have one hell of a voice!”

The Air Machine from Franklin, WI

“Awesome vocals”

Buster Rogue from Charlotte, NC

“Your voice is different and reminds me of Iron Maiden!”

Just Niki from Toms River, NJ

“Great sound you have love your voice!!!”

Doug Mac Donald Band from Boston, MA

“Quite a range you got there!”

Big Time Grain Company from Overland Park, KS

“Damn great voice brother!”

Pekka - Pekka -LoDe- Loikkanen from Savonlinna, Fl

“Nice voice!”

Guiltless Cult from Murfreesboro, TN

“you've got a good future man”

Fast Fox from Vancouver, Canada

“Great voice with attitude”

The Electric Era from Auckland, NZ

“You've got a sweet rock voice!”

Laura Promiscuo from Philadelphia, PA

“Great voice!”

Purty Violet from Schöppenstedt, DE

“U can sing like a.mutha fucca... Damn .. Great vocals bruh!”

J.E. The Wheel Man from Chico, CA

“Your vocals are killer!!”

Andy - Andy French from Siloam Springs, AR


Waste Down Rebels from Frederick, MD

“Great pipes!”

Drown from Memphis, TN

“You have some killer pipes there, great range!”

Slumlord Radio from Grand Rapids, MI

“Awesome! I love what you've been doing... very, very cool!”

Aaron (vocalist) - The Guest List from Pittsburgh, PA

“You're a star, love your voice dude!”

Steve - Steve Inglis from UK

“You kick ass!”

aka from Brooklyn, MD

“Great rock vocal, you have obviously earned your stripes... keep it rockin' brother!”

UCM2 from Clearwater, FL

“Great voice, reminds me of Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden”

GRAFITE from Boston, MA

“Love the vocals. Great range.”

Steve Inglis from Edinburgh, UK

“Stephen, Great vocals and great delivery!”

Nothing Pure from Warren, OH

“Serious pipes brother!”

Rocky Graziano from Utica, NY

“Great vocals!!”

Last Minute Soulmates from Beacon, NY

“You have an awesome voice brother!”

Cline's Mind from Richfield Springs, NY


Anora Blazin from Atlanta, GA

“You give Geoff Tate a run for his money”

Fat Dano from Bend, OR

“Awesome VOCS, Stephen!!”


“You sound like Ronnie James Dio, most excellent!”

Kevin - Radio Drive from St. Paul, MN

“Stephen you have an amazing voice!”

Sahara Starr from Escondido, CA

“Your LIVE samples are killer!”

Whiskey Neverland from Fayetteville, AR

“Your live samples are INCREDIBLE Stephen.”

Ecologyngle from Pompano Beach, FL

“Ya still is awesome... you've got them classic rock vocals”

Abani Nizar from Grand Rapids, MI

“Loved your samples bro... you have a really classical rock delivery... styx would be proud to have a vocalist like you.”

The Magneto Flobe from Seminole, FL

“You have a great classic rock voice!”

Tony - Extreme Dream from New Albany, IN

“You have power, and I see you going places... you've got potential, and you have the fan base. You dont need a recording studio level demo to know you're good, you [have] greatness. Good luck metal brother”

Doc Stine from Cincinnati, OH

“Love your sound”

Eden Vice from Bordeaux, FR

“You have an awesome voice!”

Shawn "Shango" Maginness from Ocala, FL

“U have a strong voice, very impressive!”

Edwin - Edwin Gilburd's "The Triangle Union" from Tel Aviv, IL

“You have a great voice”

Jazzie J from Austin, TX

“Dude! Awesome voice! [reminds me of] King Diamond. Great job man!”

Dichotomy from Parsippany, NJ

“You have a bright future sir”

GW - Thee Damage Done - Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tribute from UK

“You definitely have a great rock voice!”

Katherine Hill

“You are awesome SB”

The RIDAH G.O.D. from Little Rock, AR

“Love your voice, reminds me quite a bit of Iron Maiden, keep up the good work!”

Mr. Gray & The Dark Folk from Gold Coast, QLD, AU

“Powerful vocals. Love your voice!”

Omaira Falcon from Saint Petersburg, FL

“Great voice you got mate”

Stone-e from Zurich, ZH, CH

“You have a great voice for rock/metal. Very powerful and emotional delivery.”

Rosa Lisa from Buffalo, NY

“Love your voice!”

The Quarreling Pacific from Thousand Oaks, CA

“Great voice”

Jacques Coley from New York, NY

“You rock!”

Doc Synizter from Tampa, FL

“You got the pipes for sure!”

Allen Rivers from Pineville, LA

“Loved your samples!”

John Spero - Drummer from Red Bank, NJ

“I hear the Passion, Drive, Talent, and Hunger in your voice!”

JETTLAGG from Point Pleasant, NJ

“Your voice is great--sounds like Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate, and a little James LaBrie to me!”

Millisa Henderson from Muskogee, OK

“Great vocals!”

Insane Audio from Muskogee, OK

“You have a great singing style!”

Dj Shroooma from Salt Lake City, UT

“Cool vocals my friend!”

Feter from Ann Harbor, MI

“Wicked shit man, you remind me of eric adams, rob halford type sound.. would love to have you join the crusade.”

Hal - Valkaryus from Killeen, TX

“Awesome voice!”

21 Pillz from Las Vegas, NV

“You have a really great voice!”

Tommy - Premortal Breath from Mannheim, DE

“Great voice bro!”

Silent Redemption from Dubuque, IA

“Rippin vocals dude!!!!”

Billy T. Scrapper from Cockeville, TN

“Fantastic vocals!”

The Texas K.G.B. from Marble Falls, TX

“Loving your voice, really has a punch to it!”

Grimalkin from Norris, TN

“Stephen, your sound is profound! Glad to be your fan.”

C.S Warrick - Cytogeny from Kalamazoo Township, MI

“Your vocals sound like Iron Maiden!”

Steve - The Higgs Boson Project from Boston, MA

“Love the Dio-esque sound you can pull it!”

Awaiting Arrival from Corpus Christi, TX

“Powerful vocals!!”

Blue Xrysalis from Wellington, NE

“This is some nice bruce dickinson action dude!”

The Chillers from Cannes, FR

“Really dig your stuff, you have serious talent!”

The Django Riders from Portland, TN

“We dig Bruce Dickinson style vocals!!”

AOTB - Angels on the Battlefield from Ronkonkoma, NY


Just-Us from Wood River, IL

“I love your sound”

David Terrell from Mechanicsville, VA

“You have a hell of a strong voice!”

Red River Crossing from Greensville, SC

“You have an awesome voice! Rock on friend!”

Marky H. - Silver Knuckle from Winnipeg, MB, CA

“Great sound Stephen, killer vocals!”

Steve - Steve Crowell from Sacramento, CA

“Hey Stephen, I love the vocals!”

BM - Blak Makk from San Diego, CA

“Man the pure Dickinson style, great voice!”

Alexis - Alexis Mattey from Miami, FL

“Your voice is amazing! Good luck!”

Mario Mendoza, Denton, TX

“That's a really powerful voice you have! All the best”

Luke - Luke Paulo and The Grapefruit, Reading, UK

“Stephen, you have an AMAZING voice! What a gift!”

Brandon Elliot Smith, Phoenix, AZ

“Great vocals!”

Eddie Rhodes - The Rhodes, New York, NY

“Hi Stephen, your vocals are killer!”

Janice Kephart, Alexandria, VA

“I really love your vocals brother!! Your friend and new fan Mykall”

Mykall McDowell, Pontiac, MI

“Would love to work with you... you sound like the singer from Crush 40”

Mr. Super Ultimate, Detroit, MI

“You have smooth & powerful vocals! Much love bro”

Jonah Watkins, Seatle, WA

“Great voice!”

Ian - The Ian McArthur Band, Edmonton, AB, CA

“Love the old school metal sound of your vocals!”

Bad Influence, Oklahoma City, OK

“You have a great voice!”

Frederick Frank ll, Nowhere Land, MX

“Damn, you have powerful pipes! We are fans of yours!”

Lonnie Richard - The Space Sharks, Sykesville, MD

“Stephen you have awesome vocals!”

TrOyMaN, Atlanta, GA

“Your voice is amazing... good luck!”

Mario Mendoza, Denton, TX

“You're awesome, you have a shot with your vocal tone.”

Atomic Lord, Floral City, FL

“Awesome vocals you have. We will be following your page.”

Premium Death Trap (PDT), Douglas, MA

“Your voice is epic!”

Mike - AOXIY, Dallas, TX

“We just heard your voice and it's awesome dude! Great voice!!! Congrats!”

Not As Others (NAO), Asuncion, PY

“You are a great singer, brilliant. Keep up the good work!!”

Daniel Dale - Mix 10 Audio, Boise, ID

“I can totally hear some Bruce Dickinson in your voice, I love it!”

The Starship Renegade, Salem, OR

“You got a pretty awesome vocal range. Loving the Iron Maiden vibe.”

Roger This, Evergreen Park, IL

“Powerful spot on, excellent vocals! You rule and deliver”

Les Boyko, Easton Pound and Trilby Station - from Auburn, WA

“You have a great metal voice!”

Theatrum Mundi - from Ozark, MO

“Cool voice man sounds like Ronnie James Dio”

Bobby Mcintyre - from Sherwood Park, AB, CA

“Reminds me a lot of Eric Adams of Manowar”

Catacomba - from George town, KY

“You have great pipes!!”

Disasteroid - from Portalnd, OR

“I love your voice... would be perfect for a metal project”

Austin Frost, Singer/Songwriter - from Vancouver, WA

“Killer vocals, reminds me of Dio”

Gutter Royal - from Philadelphia, PA

“You've got some pipes reminiscent of the great Ronnie James Dio... hit us up if you're ever in Chicago”

Derby Soul - from Chicago, IL

“You have an awesome Dream Theater / King Diamond / Maiden style that sounds great!!!”

Christoher Horton - IAMSOUND from Savannah, GA

“Hey man, back for another listen. Incredible vocals man! Fantastic range, stay awesome dude.”

Ashton - Ashton Haze from San Diego, CA

“Hey Stephen, you've got some pipes. Excellent singing!”

Barricades from Vancouver, BC, CA

“Great Sound Vocally. You've got a great Rob Halford-esque sound, and as a Judas Priest fan, I really enjoy!!!”

Hellsing - Atom Age Vampire from Helltown, IN

“Awesome, powerful voice!”

Andrea - Andrea Godin from St. George, ON, CA

“Rockin' powerful voice. Stephen, you have a Bruce Dickinson feel to your voice! Top quality! Best wishes”

LL - Lucks Lane from Elgin, UK

“You have an awesome voice! Wow it's epic. Best wishes.”

Anu - Anu Sava from Nashville, TN

“Holy vocal chords, Batman!!! Stephen you are INCREDIBLE! If Bruce & Halford had a love child... it would be this guy right here! I'm craving more!!”

Christy Chemical - Knights of Fallen Empire, Hollywood, CA

“You sound much like Bruce Dickinson!! Great voice man!! If you come to the East, let us know, and we'll get you on the line-up.”

Jon "St. Lucifureva" Scungio - Grave Side Service from Cranston, RI

“You have a great rock voice! All the best.”

Steve - Singer/Songwriter - Steve Sackman from Derby, UK

“Very cool vox!”

Jeremy Meyers - Artist - Spunn from El Reno, OK


Lowclas - Artist - L.O.WC.L.A.S. from Pomona, CA

“Wow! You're great boss! More power! You rule!”

Ian Tolosa - Artist - Roses For Grace from CIty of San Jose del Monte, PH

“Love what I hear!”

Rebel - Artist - Rebel Musiq from Lilongwe, MW

“Great vocals!”

Lori - Artist - Lori Nebo from Bronx, NY

“You have a great metal voice! Hear some Iron Maiden in there... great!”

Michael Underdown - Artist - Courage, You Bastard from Huntington Park, CA

“Dig your epic sound!”

Rick Ferrari - Artist - The Nyes from Eugene, OR

“Good, classic metal pipes - I agree wholeheartedly with the Maiden/Dio comparison others have drawn. Good luck punching through!”

Cody Weathers - Artist - UFO Catcher from Portland, OR

“Great voice!”

Johnnie - Artist - The Johnnie Squizzercrow from Blackburn, LAN, UK

“Damn bro. You got some pipes on you! Hope you find the right fit to showcase your talent!”

Erick Blocker - Artist - Fruit of the Legion of Loom from Portland, OR

“You have an awesome voice!”

Artist - Manuel Joseph Montoya from Riverside, CA


Casey - Artist - Casey Picou from Lake Mary, FL

“Keep rockin' hard! You got some cool melodic vocals on your songs!”

BW - Artist - Brad Wilson from Visalia, CA

“Great singing Stephen!”

Artist - Mario and Friends from Oakland, CA

“Sounds great! You seem VERY artistic... keep it up!”

Artist - Lady Swagga

“You have a great set of pipes!”

Artist - Mac Valentine from Palm Springs, CA

“I checked out your samples, and I definitely hear the Bruce Dickinson in your style”

Artist - FreakLoader from Fresno, CA

“Hey Stephen, great vocals. Reminds me of Bruce Dickinson!”

Artist - Culhain from Hidden Valley Lake

“You ROCK!”

Artist - Aoeda from San Francisco, CA

“You have a strong voice... nice work! Keep me posted on your project!”

Artist - Melodies Soul Stories from Houston, TX

“I would love ur voice on my stuff”

Artist - BERZON from Huntington Beach, CA

“You have an incredible voice”

Phil - Artist - Phil Willet from Belmont, CA

“Dig your sound... very cool!”

Paul Karcz - Artist - Spiral Trance from Milwaukee, WI

“Awesome stuff... you rock!”

Dereck Foster - Artist - X Days Left from Ontario, Canada

“Hey let me know if your in Hawaii - we are looking for a vocalist - they need some good rock vocalists here!”

Ginny Trahan - Artist - Insane Jane from Hawaii, CA

“You have a strong voice!”

Artist - Armin Firouzabadi from London, UK

“Wow, very powerful vocals... really like your style, very cool, very epic!”

Artist - The Hard Ponys from Joshua Tree, CA

“Great pipes!”

Hillary - Artist - Hillary Howard from Minneapolis, MN

“Powerful stuff!”

Artist - Blindspin from Chico, CA

“Powerful vocals!”

Jan Emerson - Artist - SunBelt.bellthecat from Forestville, CA

“Sounding great!”

Blaine - Artist - The Numbers Station from Saint Louis, MO

“I'd love to do a show with you”

Jonathan - Artist - Ed Bang from Seattle, WA

“You have incredible vocals!”

Monique - Artist - A Lifelong Scar from La Quinta, CA

“You sound great!”

Elina - Artist - enkElination from London, UK

“Awesome sound!”

Val - Artist - Dragonfly Genocyde from Eugene, OR

“Cool old-school metal approach. Keep up the good work!”

Artist - Sandpaper & Lilt from Los Angeles, CA


Curtis - Artist - Hammerdrone from Calgery, Canada

“Hey man, great voice!”

Chris - Artist - Chris Gamberg - Drummer from Ottawa, Canada

“Hotttt vox. Badass 4 sure!”

Rod - Artist - Rodfatha from Sarasota, FL

“Dig you vocals! I dig!!!”

Frank - Artist - The Chairman of Spoken Words from San Pablo, CA

“Very cool raw sound, like what I'm hearing, we can definitely work together”

David - Artist - DA Airway from Hopkins, MN

“It is a tremendous pleasure to have awesome musicians like you around! Keep on delivering the goods!”

Jason Knox - Artist - IMPURIA from Los Angeles, CA

“I love the vocal sample. Cheers and I hope to hear more soon. Smiles and luck to you from SF :-)”

Delaney - Artist - Delaney Simpson from San Francisco, CA

“You should have no problem finding a metal band with those vox :) Wishing you must success.”

Jacqueline - Artist - Otto's Daughter from North Hollywood, CA

“Just heard your samples, amazing vocals you have, You could stand in for Bruce no problem, rock on friend.”

Dylan - Artist - Concrete Injection from Saint Paul, MN

“Listening to SAMPLE 1 now, Great vocals!”

Leandro - Artist - Demartini from Sao Carlos SP, BR

“Cool samples, strong vocal chops!!!”

Steven - Artist - Mex Pistols from Fresno, CA

“Sounds great!!!”

Billy D - Artist - Bringin' it Back Live from Hermitage, PA

“I am now a fan of yours”

Ren - Artist - Renegade Spook from Ventura, CA

“Wow... you have a great voice! Very powerful!”

Steve Webb - Artist - LadderSoul

“Wow I would like to hear some more. Hopefully more coming soon”

Scott - Artist - 12 String Scott from Valencia, CA

“Your vocals are very great!”

Seabass (Vocalist/instrumentalist) - Artist - Jorge Jonze from Corning, CA

“Great voice. Hope to hear you live someday!”

Laurie - Artist - Laurie Dana from Chico, CA

“Wow! Killer voice!”

Rob Eschamilla (robdog) - Metal Artist - Nativeburn from Fresno, CA

“AWESOME!!! Love your vocals, and would definitely be interested to do collabs!”

Chris Eschborn - Multi-Recording Artist - Fetal Zombie from Los Angeles

“Great sounding voice mate!”

Jenn - Artist - March Into Paris from Sacramento, CA

“You sound alot like dio :)))) dude you rock i just wish the sample was longer”

Brandon Averhoff - Artist - Song writer / guitarist from Vancouver, WA

“Great voice, dude! You rock!”

Blurdy - Artist - Master Beast from Portland, OR

“Really dig your vocals. Great pipes!”

Daniel Burns - Multifaceted guitarist, songwriter, and recording artist from San Jose, CA

“Reminds me of Maiden & Queensryche with a twist, diggin it!”

Adam - Artist - Adam R. Bissing from Fair Oaks, CA

“Diggin the super-high register on vocals”

Jeffery Stone - Artist - ShotGun Chaperone from San Diego, CA

“Your singer is very much like Bruce Dickinson. Damn good singer! Dig it much!!!”

Rich Rock - Artist - Speakermeat from Sparks, NV

“Very unique sound!”

Claudeous - Artist - Serpent & Seraph from Sacramento, CA

“Love the maiden-esque-ness! Sounds killer!”

Ed Revel - Artist - Ed Revel and the Butchers from Spokane, WA

“Reminds me of Maiden... keep up the good work!”

Wardo Edward Andrew - Artist - Wardo from Ventura, CA

“Dig the vocals alot! Reminds me of Helloween”

Roland - Artist - South Kitsap Infidels from Port Orchard, WA

“Reminds me of old-school Helstar on the vocals”

Marc Merrill - Artist - Muddy Helmet from Bremerton, WA

“Sick 'Maidenesque' sound!”

BHT - BIG HAMMER THEORY from Springfield, OR

“Your voice kicks ass”

DAMC - Artist - Death Alley Motor Cult from Clovis, CA


Gary - Producer/Artist - bloodbathstudios@yahoo.com

“Has anyone ever told you sound like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden? And hopefully you'll take that as a compliment!”

Chris - Artist - thebackground@cox.net

“Great voice!”

Cesar Alvarez Chinchilla - Artist - Guitarrist from Spain

“I listened to all your tracks, great style; sounds like a cross between Geddy Lee and Bruce Dickinson”

Mead - Artist - millhouse961@hotmail.com

“You definitely have a Queensryche/Maiden sound about your voice, super cool!”

Reece Fiebich - Artist - Bay Area at reece.fiebich@yahoo.com

“Great sound guy. Love it.”

Dan Johnson - Artist - Sanctyfied from Phoenix, AZ

“You sound like the guy from iron maiden”

Artist - Blue Copper from Phoenix, AZ

“Def have an iron maiden type sound, love it!”

Justin - Artist - Hands of Sorrow from Tracy, CA

“Excellent tone!”

Eric - Artist - Eric Graham Nuss from Corpus Christi, TX

“Badass Vocals!”

Arnold Garcia - Artist - Bipolar from Lansing, MI

“You rock!”

Henry Flores - Artist - Roughedge from Corpus Christi, TX

“Diggin the Queensryche and Dio on Leviathan's Been Slain”

Derek Born - Artist - TONSIL YETI from Flagstaff, AZ

“WOW!!! You ROCK! Love the VOX!”

Craig Rudder - Artist - VULTRA from Spokane, WA

“Stephen..you have a Bruce Dickinson vibe going on..gave me flashbacks of Iron Maiden!”

Rob Spence - Artist - A Few More Bricks from Idaho Falls, ID

“Great sound you got”

Paul Melkert - Artist - The Ayes from Hilversum, NH, NL

“Awesome pipes my friend”

Eddie Vega - Artist - Bad Boy Eddie from Sacramento, CA

“Love your sound!!”

Marty - The Deaf Pilots from Chico, CA

“Great talent!”

Management - Artist - SPECYPHI Cincinatti, OH

“You're GREAT man! Keep it METAL!!!”

Deimos - Artist Deimos Pavia, PV, IT

“You got a great voice!”

MC Collins - Music Artist Kaduna, NG

“You are awesome!”

Cristen Grey - Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes Santa Fe, NM

“Good afternoon. This is Melissa, Manager of Drummer Dave and partial management of AOD. We have heard your FANTASTIC voice, it is EXACTLY what we are looking for in a singer. Our lead guitar player about jumped out of his skin when he heard your vocal clip.”

Melissa - Manager of AOD Modesto, CA

“Listened to your vocal sample, very Bruce Dickinson!”

Tom Gregory - Solo recording artist, Guitarist Modesto, CA

“You have a ridiculous set of pipes man”

Joe Smith - Vox/Bass/Guitarist of Joe Smith Project Palmdale, CA

“Killa Halford tone & range!!!”

Gio Garcia - at biolithorocks@yahoo.com

“Great Vocals Bro! Dio meets Dickenson.......sweet!”

Steve Francis - Musician, Drummer, Producer Santa Cruz, CA