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““Hero,” the first track on Days of Junia’s freshman release, ends with a proclamation: “I am the killer! I am the whore! I am the healer! I am the hero!” It’s a fair warning: if you keep listening you’re going to feel assaulted, seduced, healed, and inspired in turn, and sometimes all at once. Charlie Edward’s lyrics narrate a spiritual journey that’s happy in the darkness and mystery of “Autumn,” but anxious and angry in “Sunshine.” His voice often hovers in the lower registers, then slowly builds to the upper limits of his range like he’s ready to bust out of the song. Before that happens, Joyce Yaddaw’s harmonies usually come to the rescue and reign it all in quite beautifully—especially in the emotional ballad “Rebel” and the more hard-driving “Crazy Hazy Lazy.” “Heights of Tomorrow” is a solid freshman release from a band with passion and energy to spare. I’ve got it in heavy rotation on my iPod!”

Peter Goodwin

“There are times when I find myself recounting my favorite tracks from Heights of Tomorrow without any prompting. It speaks to the overall quality of song writing and performance throughout the album. And, it is not just one track. Unlike other bands that should have started with an EP, Heights of Tomorrow is a complete effort that reflects a dynamic and moody attitude with irreverence and depth. Favorites: Definition – Great track and one of my personal favorites Crowds – Great version of a classic with excellent guitar playing Rebel – An engaging track with dynamic vocals and a haunting guitar progression Hollow Heart – Love the vocal arrangement and the composition Circle 3 – Great placement as it provides a new, fresh approach in the middle of the album. It keeps it fresh and interesting Hero – Great opening track that sets the flavor and tone for the rest of the album ”

““Love is eternal, so give it time.” This is just my current favorite example of what I love about Heights of Tomorrow, by Days of Junia. There’s a lot of freedom expressed herein, held up by an equal amount of underlying sophistication hidden inside (so very NOT forced), and every moment reminds me of why I love making music. More examples? The bent guitar notes that follow the lyric “Hero” in the song, “Hero.” The bass work on “Bruised” is the kind I wish were mine. Vocals are delivered with no self-appointed-diva nonsense. The layered guitars at first seem random and spontaneous (a virtue unto itself) but on closer analysis, I also hear a solid, deliberate melodic structure that supports the whole. Days of Junia copy nobody, and obey no one’s rules, and that's the very thing that reminds me of earlier artists who'd inspired me. Okay that’s why I love this band, and as more and more people hear it, I’ll leave it to them to discover within”

Ric Alba writer, musician, former bassist of The Alter Boys - Peer Review