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“Goofy and morbid “thrash-grass” is one way to describe Days N’ Daze...With their witty, inspiring lyrics and their high-speed folk influences, the Days N’ Daze musical focus is on environmental destruction and also, “death is a prominent theme,” Jesse stated. Whitney described the environmental side as a byproduct of their residency in Rosenberg. “They are building up over our childhood. Everything that was beautiful now has a gray scale over it.””

"Goofy and morbid "thrash-grass" is one way to describe Days N Daze, a local Houston band,...

“Meet Days N' Daze. They look sweet, right? They're not. They're a goddamn menace; more violent than the Femmes, more poguesy than the Pogues. They're a frothy, malicious, frenetic band of music mutants. And they are absolutely perfect. ”

“I wish more folk punk bands were half as ambitious with their vocals...It's rare to find a band that combines such heart wrenching melodic parts with such untamed rage....The tiny choir that makes up DND is what gives it it's most constant indentifying characteristic and also is one of the most exciting things about this band...This is legitimately impressive music...This isn't imitation, it's innovation. If other, more popular folk punk bands have done things which have left a bad taste in your mouth I don't know why you're not already listening to DND. If you're tired of one guy with an acoustic guitar singing a-tonally who is unaware he's doing a slow Body Count cover, do yourself a solid and give this band a chance...Overall, this is absolutely a step forward for this band, which is astonishing considering where they were stepping from....This band's ability to grow and innovate dumbfounds me. This is required reading, kids. ”

“Born in the 60's & growing up in the 70's & 80's, I was a huge fan of early punk so I was fairly skeptical about the authenticity of whatever "riot folk punk" was - but after getting over the initial shock ("are they really playing a washboard & washtub bass?") I ♥ your sound. Stamp of approval given from this former punk who once risked heat stroke camping out on a Florida beach in JULY to see the Ramones play live. ;-)”

“The songs feel thick and well-planned. A majority of the tracks on the album are pretty fast, and with the light percussion from the washboard most of them really swing...The album is 10 tracks long but there is little to no redundancy. We’re given incendiary, rock solid faux-flamenco punk songs, ukulele country romps, brisk ska, demented little ballads, emotional confessionals, and even a crack-rock steady song. It’s all a little bit too cool, and immediately reminded me of when I first started listening to punk rock and not in an immature, naïve sense, but in a passionate and refreshing way...this album has almost no short-comings and exemplifies what I love in a punk band. Even the lyrics here are praise-worthy. Any song about getting really drunk that gets a sXe kid like me singing along should be worth your time. The really fucked up thing about this band is that they’re even better live. ”

“I’ve finally gotten a chance to listen to the band, btw, and I have to say, I’m liking it; it’s bizarre, folky, low-to-the-ground, and resolutely DIY, and it works surprisingly well. When I listen to tracks like “The Empress Bridge,” I find myself thinking of similarly high-pitched weirdo-popsters Machine Go Boom, if that band were actually an anarcho-punk collective like Anti-Flag. Throw in some Less Than Jake-esque ska-punk elements, and things get even more interesting, especially once you realize they’re playing washboard, banjo, and mandolin at various points. Very cool ”