DaylightSaving / Press

“Musically, DS, have elements of Suzanne Vega, The Cowboy Junkies, Melanie Safka, or Joni Mitchell, but with that added dimension of Kate’s lovely fluid flute playing, at one point I’d swear she bends notes, and I really didn’t think that was possible with a flute. Their song Sunshine Is A State Of Mind was such an uplifting track, full of the most transcendent melodies, and cheering lyrics, and including sublime flute soaring eagle’s wings. It is frankly Kate’s gorgeous and sincere vocal that carries every song effortlessly, and then her flawless fluting that lifts it beyond the ordinary into the realms of the heavenly. If sunshine is a state of mind then this is the music to blow the clouds away, even when the songs are melancholy or bittersweet.”

"A little bit jazzy, a little bit poppy and a little bit folky, Daylight Saving have a bright, summery sound with darker hints of storms behind the sunshine."

"I listened to Daylight Saving for the first time and was taken back to every chilled out, laid-back Sunday I'd ever had, and every worry had taken a day off too."

"Daylight Saving are quintessentially the essence of Jazz on a summers day."

"DaylightSaving have warmed my heart whilst tickling my dark underbelly... something few bands have acheived."

"A totally fresh and Bright sound, full of sunshine"

"Whenever I need to add a bit of joy and happiness to my radio show, I play a song from DaylightSaving. Their music has that warming, summery feel to it and the studio fills with that special glow that you get when you know you have a great song playing. DaylightSaving will go far, just mark my words!"

"Even though Daylight Saving is significantly different from the music generally played on the Soft Rock Classics Show, their immense talent and blissful tunes made them a must play and something that my international audience greatly appreciated."

"I think DaylightSaving has a great sound.Their music is soothing while also making you feel the titles of their songs.You actually live their music when you hear it. Excellent music done by people who know music. I highly recommend DaylightSaving."

"DaylightSaving have created a moving, atmospheric sound, with jazzy undertones accompanied with beautiful lyrics, Kate's voice reminds these listeners of an early Joni Mitchell. Aja and I enjoyed Pretty Blue very much."

"The band's style is smooth, easy and light but lyrically dark, warm and pensive. The song 'Sunshine (is a State of Mind)' is a great example of their work jazzy, funky and thoughtful and 'Pretty Blue' holds your hand and makes you at ease despite the pain behind the words."