"They’re a fun band to see live, and not only do they want to entertain those watching, they’re also all about just having a good time doing what they enjoy doing, and they clearly do."

Jordan Buford - The Music Enthusiast

“They all fed off one another and interacted well, and as for Steve, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; the guy’s one of the best drummers I’ve seen. They are one of the best bands to see live, and if they’ve come this far in just about a year, I can’t wait to see what level they push themselves to next.”

"I said this to all of the band members after their set, and I’ll say it again here. Not only was this the best Daylight Industries show I’ve seen, this was also one of the best performances I’ve seen period. Seriously, these guys put on one of the best, most energetic and lively stage performances of any band I’ve seen. And I don’t think it hurts that everyone, sans Steve, performs without shoes, which I would think aids them in being a little more agile.They are one of those bands who, for you to truly appreciate them, you need to see a live show."

“These guys will bring you into their abnormal view of music and re define what it means to be a rock band. With ups and downs and turns and twists these guys take you on a musical journey that can't be compared. Their live show is incredible!”

Kevin Dueer - Bird Brain Entertainment

"This is the best band I've ever heard. It's like liquid crack.It gets into your head scrambles your brains and leaves you breathless!"

Siddly Vicious - The North Texas Authority On What Is Good Music

“Daylight Industries stimulates your senses with their smooth melodic overtones before throwing in the afterburner and taking you for the ride of your life. It takes your average smalltalk and finger-food social party and turns it into an experience that will keep your guests wanting more. Don't let the subtle melodies throw you off. Each song is unique and will satisfy the craving you have been searching for.”