Daylight Circus / Press

“Far and away the most unique expression to hit our songwriter showcase, Daylight Circus cut a swath through the conventional singer/songwriter fare with their Spoken Word Jazz Blues compositions, youthful ambition and considerable musical talent. Still young and charting less commonly explored creative waters, this trio has the potential to surprise mightily as they continue to mature.”

“These guys are sensational; extremely talented and unique.”

"Hey Wilmington, I can't stress how awesome this group is and regardless of where you hear them play, you just need to get out and listen to them. They will be playing this Thursday at Projekte Gallery & Lounge and around town at various places throughout January, including their CD Release Party at Projekte on 1/19. Their fusion of Jazz, Blues and Poetry is like no other here in Wilmington, so if you want change, something different then check out DAYLIGHT CIRCUS!!"

"Daylight Circus is a young and talented trio offering exceptional artistry. The music innovative and inspiring, fresh and creative, and any Daylight Circus performance is truly yummy candy to my eyes and ears."

“Daylight Circus is a rock and roll duo that mixes up spoken word and lengthy jams that incorporate a heady mix of rock, jazz and blues. Their sound is engaging and unvarnished and the guitar playing varies between 70’s rock excess and bluesy introspection. And it’s blistering. The group has a string of shows coming up this fall”