Daybreak Embrace / Press

"The best new band on the boat…here is the shout out Daybreak Embrace! " ShipRocked 2015

“I have to give a nice ovation to opening act and local band Daybreak Embrace, which has a great musical future ahead of them. If you get a chance, go see these guys perform. The energy and sound they produce is a sure sign that rock-n-roll, is far from dead.”

“Local rock band defines success one fan at a time for the love of music”

“Daybreak Embrace Suffocate Tomorrow Awaits - EP An almost ghostly intro to a powerful song, it gets my spirits riled.”

“Great EP. I just heard it today. The new album “Mercury” will be released in October 2013. I think I am overdosing on DIY modern rock artists. Think Sevendust, Staind, Digital Summer, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace.”

“The low frequency romance between the bass and drums make Daybreak Embrace easy listening for the Hard Rock listener.”

“Fort Lauderdale rock band Daybreak Embrace never does anything half way, which is part of what makes them such a great band.”

“Their 2010 release, Tomorrow Awaits, was a solid rock EP with good hooks that showed a lot of promise. Fans that endured the wait for new material are being treated to a much bigger, bolder, and more refined version of the band in this release.”

“Southern Florida's Daybreak Embrace marks the return of epic, radio friendly alternative rock for any music fan that is sick and tired of the latest pop-glazed trends.”

“James Wamsley is penning lyrics and using his powerful pipes to send out a strong, and long overdue, anti-suicide message.”

“Daybreak Embrace is an up-and-coming powerhouse in the South Florida music scene.”

“Three modern rock bands will provide entertainment, including performances by Grendl, of Mansfield; Daybreak Embrace, of Miami, Fla. and Autumn Burning from Millersburg. Show promoter James Wamsley, also ...”