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“Working My Life Away on 103.5 The Fox and 107.9 The Bear –Strictly Blues Live on 103.5 and syndicated on 107.9: "Dawson James is a great young talent" by Kai Turner after playing "Workin' My Life Away"”

“Dawson James with Cody Canada and The Departed –Mile High Feedback Dawson James was the lead singer of the opening band out of Sedalia, CO. Their sounds crossed lines of Blues, Rockabilly, and Country. Most of the songs they played were originals except for Johnny B. Goode. Songs included Working My Life Away, and Plaid Shirt Living.Neil Mattlock kept the rocking beat on drums, Andy Sharp played the keys, and Brian Saulig played the bass. Dawson and his band started the night off with some rocking tunes and gained many new fans.”

“Working My Life Away is on Top 20 songs of 2012 –Strictly Blues Working My Life Away is #17 on Kai Turners Top 20 of 2012!”

“Dawson James – Acclaimed Musician with Sedalia Roots Posted on November 26, 2013 by Jill Dopp by Kara L. Stewart Dawson James Devries grew up like many young men do around Sedalia — riding dirt bikes up at Rampart, becoming a motocross racer at the national level, attending Douglas County High School, going on to college…but a compound fracture of a femur during a race at age 16 changed his life’s path from motocross to music. With his Dad, Rod Devries, being a talented and recognized songwriter; his grandmother teaching him piano starting at age 3; and his grandfather spreading the word as a preacher, it’s no surprise that Dawson James, as he is known on stage, became a songwriter, musician, and performer, with a style that combines great guitar work with poetic lyrics about real life — relationships, encouragement, God’s presence, struggles, and growth. After high school, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. “I studied performance voice, song writi”

"If you own a club and you're not booking Dawson James, you're just plain dumb!" -Said by DJ Kai Turner, after playing "Plaid Shirt Livin' " on 103.5 The Fox and 107.9 The Bear, Strictly Blues Radio Show

“Dawson James is a "Great New Artist" -Said by DJ Brad White after playing "All I See" on 97.3 KBCO”

"A little country, a little rock, a little blues, it all sounds good to me" The Blues Vassal after playing Plaid Shirt Livin' on 103.5 The Fox

“Indie Showcase –Indie Showcase I popped by your site tonight, and I have to tell ya, I love your sound!! I think your extremely talented! Where have you been hiding?! I love your sound and energy! I'm a dj and co-owner of IndieShowcase with Shashona. We are partnered with Awesomeradio. As the IndieShowcase name says we specialize in Indi/Unsigned artists and i would love to play your music on our shows! I'm thrilled to be playing you!!!!”