davistreet / Press

“LIVE REVIEW: "The honest looks of enjoyment made those in the audience feel like they were at a private party. Davistreet brought a mellow vibe like the lingering buzz in the air after a Matchbox 20 show..."”

Ellen Eldridge - Performer Magazine

"Singer Trevor McSwain, actually, sounds like a cloning experiment that mixed the genes of Rob Thomas and Raine Maida (from Our Lady Peace) and yielded a strong and compelling voice tailor-made for this band." "...anyone smart enough to define solid musical craft will find something to enjoy here."

Kent Walter - 1340mag.com

"What separates [davistreet] from other bands is their devotion to music." "Davistreet has what it takes to make it as far as they want."

Melissa Ann Davis - Urbanite

"It's amazing what true hard work, loyalty and persistence can do for a band." "... a full throttle, high energy, rock em sock em performance that rivals any group of its genre."

Phillip Joiner - Eleventh Hour