Davin James / Press

“Davin James is a Gulf Coast treasure...one of my top 3 songwriters that I listen to besides Mike Stinson and Damon Bramblett...in a perfect world his songs would be ALL over the radio. ”

Jesse Dayton - Houston Press

“Every Wednesday for ten years, honky-tonk hillbilly traditionalist badass Davin James has hosted some of the finest - and beautifully obscure - singer-songwriters anywhere. ”

“Davin James possesses a deep, rich voice that is pitched somewhere between John Hammond, Jr.'s blues pipes and Waylon Jennings' outlaw country vocals, and he uses it to evocative effect on this release. He's also a formidable guitar talent....... In a genre populated with too many "all hat and no country" talents, this Texas artist proves on Magnolia that he's in a league with such fellow "real deals" as Dallas Wayne and Redd Volkaert. ”

Erik Hage - CD Universe

“Thank you for participating in the MayFest Barbeque and Country Dance at May Community Center. As expected, the crowd loved your musical performance!.....we look forward to your next visit!”

Diana Weaver, Director - Letter

“Why is this guy not on every country station in the nation? The lyrics, the music, he is incredible!!!”

by Tony Fernandez - LSM

“My first impression was that this guy is an excellent guitarist. He was accompanied only by his faithful bass player, Cletus, and no other sidemen. Yet, these two guys had a rich, full sound coming off the stage, with James carrying the guitar duties of at least one and a half guitarists. He’s all over the neck with several layers of strong rhythms and timely accents... clean and fast.”

R. N. - Island Moon Newspaper

“Thank you for participating in the MayFest Barbrque and Country Dance at May Community Center. As expected, the crowd loved your musical performance! We look forward to your next visit!”

Diana Weaver, Director - Thank you letter

“Hello, I just want to say thanks to you for putting on a great show Sunday at the Crawfish festival. I picked up a few of your CD’s while I was there and now my son can’t stop singing “Take Care Of My tomatoes” and “Rat Killin’ Time”. ”

Michael Fields, Porter TX, - E mail

“James totally grasps the unique groove of the Gulf Coast, and one of the sweetest voices in Texas allows him to range effortlessly from George Jones country to the closest thing a redneck is ever likely to get to Otis Redding on "Felt A Delta". The catchy "Ain't No Soul on the Radio" is a stone-cold Hank Williams homage lambasting the sterility of country radio. Then, with "Honeysukle Madness," James offers a fine example of how sweet the format could be; even if it never gets close to the Top 40, it's a sure contender for the top country make-out song of the year.”

WILLIAM MICHAEL SMITH - Texas Music Magazine

“Wow! I love this CD, it is so smooth. We bought this cd several months ago and we keep putting it back in...playing it over and over. Buy it and love it! You will never take it out!”

DD - Lone Star Music

“This guy will amaze you. He is fun and entertaining at every show I have been to. He will take you on a road trip with his songs. I like when he takes me to New Orleans, musically that is, to a house of questionable reputation and lets me see with his voice the kind of ladies doing the kind of things I like to see them do. Yes, this boy can drag you throught the swamp and make you smile. ”

Bordello Bob Tumlinson - Lone Star Music

“I have been waiting for a "LIVE" CD of Davin. I have been to many of his shows and the ENERGY is great. This CD captures it and is on the outside stereo CD changer!!! The blues riffs, LIVE, are outstanding...Get it, you will not be sorry! ”

James Tomey - Lone Star Music

“This guy is fabulously awesome! We've had him in our place and can't wait to have him back! ”

KK's Pub - Lone Star Music

“We had Davin and his band at a private party and we thoroughly enjoyed him---so enthusiastic and heartfelt as an entertainer. His latest, Palmer Lake, is outstanding. You will want to listen to it over and over!”

Hackley - Lone Star Music

“Well, the first song I heard by this man was Magnolia...seein' how my name is Maggie, you know I fell in love with this artist. What I really enjoyed about the song was the "get down" harmony at the end.”

Maggie - Lone Star Music

“Palmer Lake Album Review: This is the best CD I have heard in years. I would drive from Texarkana to El Paso to hear him play. ”

Glane Bonham - Lone Star Music

“I had a chance to listen to Davin this weekend at the Hill Country Bar in Meridan. A Southern blues sound that is played with intense emotion. Our group travels and supports alot of music, and Davin and Cletus put on a hell of a birthday bash. We will continue to support Davin and the sound that we love to hear.”

Ed Nunez - Lone Star Music

“Not being a huge fan of country music, but loving the southern and folk sound, I couldn"t help but get turned on by Davin's music when he played in Conroe, Texas. His blues riffs and the emotion in his words keep him out of music catigories and makes him a true musician. Don't pass on an opportunity to see him or hear him!”

DMoney - Lone Star Music

“Why is this guy not on every country station in the nation? The lyrics, the music, he is incredible!!!”

by tony fernandez - Lone Star Music

“Review from: NOWHERE LOUNGE: Davin is one of the best, hottest, and most talented in a long list of legendary Texas guitar pickers! Nights are HOT at the Nowhere Lounge when Davin takes the stage... a true legend in the making. ”

Cheryl Morley - Amazon

“Review from: NOWHERE LOUNGE: I was absolutely blown away by this album. There isn't a bad song on here and there are some really outstanding--unbelievably outstanding songs on this disc. It's hard to pick favorites because they are all great but, "Things Ain't Like They Used To Be" and "Head Over Heels" are my two personal faves. I own about 1000 CDs and this is probably among my two or three favorite discs. 5 stars, no doubt.”

Christopher J. Snell (San Antonio, TX) - Amazon

“This review is from: MAGNOLIA I have lots and lots of CD's and this is by far my favorite. It is good from start to finish and includes a wide range of music. If you don't like this one you are deaf or dead.”

Gary Gullett - Amazon

"MAGNOLIA" is difficult to pigeonhole. That said, it's a delight to hear. You don't just listen to this disc ... you feel it. It gets down and dirty, deep inside of you. It's true Texas dancehall ... campfire sing-along ... roadhouse stomping ... delta shuffle ... gospel anthem ... story telling ... country and blues and horns and rock and roll and more country ... good time music.