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“Right on the ground floor of the grassroots indie rock n’ roll movement is David Wheeler, a singer-songwriter who isn’t afraid to perform his music exactly the way he wants it. Driven by plenty of distorted guitars and Wheeler’s unmistakable vocal tone, each song delivers a delicious slice of toe-tapping indie rock, sans the pretentious attitude and faux experimental noise. Flying high on his 13-track debut, There’s a Rhythm, Wheeler remains on the cutting edge of underground music, penning rocking thumpers such as “You Say,” as well as more adventurous tunes like “Fundamental Truth,” which utilizes fiddle, piano, and funkified walking bass lines. True rock n’ roll fans be advised – this is the next “must have” for your iPod’s playlist. ”

“America's rock/indie master! ”

“recordings that exude simple energy - which have a quirky twist every now and then. This is everything I like about DIY.”


“There's a very unique quality to all of your music, which makes it so much fun to listen to. It's almost like an Easter egg hunt...there are surprises around every measure.”

davefan - musicnation.com

“Coolest Music, Innovative and Eclectic Songwriting, An Indie Rock Master In a musical landscape littered with predictable alt. country/folk (whatever THAT means)/singer-songwriter boredom, David Wheeler stands out as a master songwriter and innovator. The eclectic reach of this CD does not rob it of a unifying feel, for the CD is one that you can put in your car for an hour drive and it takes you on a journey. Wheelers' fresh approach to the indie rock genre makes this recording one of the best indy releases of the year, and it is hard to find a band or sound to compare it to. Hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Wheeler is sure to make a major impact on the local scene and beyond.”

“Excellent music for rock lovers - reminds me of the Grateful Dead - raw instruments, natural sounds, in-your-face guitar riffs and drumming, nice vocal arrangements and use of stringed instruments.”

“David Wheeler has been at the forefront of the Indie Movement for years. He is a legend. He is known for bold, innovative compositions that serve as a carpet for lyrical brilliance.Every year that David plays on, only serves to enhance his status as being one of Indie's All-Time Greats!He is certainly a personal inspiration and one of my musical heroes! ”

“David..your music is some of the best I've ever heard. You're right..you are not like everybody else and this is what makes your music awesome. I'm a fan :-)”

“A remarkably talented musician... Its hard to pull that off but you do incredibly so. Great lyrics, great songwriting, and a disregard for genre lines. AWESOMENESS!!! ”

“Enjoying your tunes. Great original stuff! It's rock Jim but not as we know it:) ”

“Incredible arrangements; I'm hooked on your refreshing sound! Can't wait for more of that soul I feel in your music! ”

“Wow, I bet you put on a high energy show...:) Your stuff is great...ROCK ON!!!”

“while listening I'm more and more impressed,David - great feelin'- cool grooves and great songs-”

“Amazing sound and creativity David!!! ”

“just checked your page to listen and enjoy your lovely work :) ,i really liked your songs ... thank you for sharing these lovely songs”

“Great lyrics,music and vocals !! ”

“Very cool songwriting. Enjoyed your songs, especially There's A Rhythm.”

“Beautiful melodies and lyrics!”

“Great writing, great sound!”

“Great music and great style! ”

“Excellent music!! I loved listening! :) ”

“YEAH DAVID!!! Rock the world!! ”


“Thoroughly enjoying listening to your songs! You are a true Artist! ”

“great rock & roll... fun & exciting...”

“Excellent music”

“Good Rockin songs here. So many songs to pick from. All were good. You Say[Rocked], My Love[Sounded like Neil Young] and Let It Go[Nice].”


“I do not know what to say, your voice is just breathtaking!! wow!! Your surely super talented artist! I love your music (^_^). I'm now listening to your Track "My Love", I'm loving and enjoying it very much!! I sure will be coming back to listen to more of your amazing & beautiful music! I also joined your street team as well ^_^ Keep the brilliant work up! ”

“Great music! Thanks for the listening too!! There's a rhythm is great! Love the directness, it's so easy on my ears!! ”

“Nice fun tunes!”

“Those video's of your live performance are sick! ”

“cool stuff, love what you're doing man!! good job!! ”

“∫∫∫ Love your music… Awesome tracks! With warmest regards for you and your art! ∫∫∫ ”

“Smokin Rockin Tunes Bro! ”

“poetry set to guitar rock...cool ”

“Great stories in your outstanding lyrics David!!! ”

“Much Respect! Excellent Work!”

“WoW wonderful songs on your page, i like it very much ! ;)”

“Fantastic sounds you've got going--great blend of influences. I think "My Love" is my favorite--takes me back to Orbison's better days. Stay awesome!”

“that's rock 'n roll, reminiscent of the music of the 60s, just my size ...”

“This Indie Rock artist from San Jose NM keeps listeners guessing as he explores new musical styles on every song”

“Hi David Great sound Wake up sounds like a good song and I like My Love too”

“Amazinga and good music! I love it the groove!”

“David Wheeler is an Indie Legend. So many great ...great songs! What else can I say except - he is beyond spectacular! One of my all time favorites”

“very cool tunes!!!! :o)”

“One of my RN favorites”

“Song (There's a Rhythm) has strong potential for good rock appeal, good lyrical delivery, well written”

18th Annual Billboard Songwriting Contest, judges' comments - Billboard


“you know how to reach an audience! stomp your feet and clap your hands! i really enjoyed listening!”

“The common thread I notice between these eclectic songs is how FUN they are!”

“my my David * great find * you really rock it out * much success up up charts * love & cheers * P”

“Awesome sound! No wonder your the top of the charts!!”

“David, Great writing and honest passion in your songs!!!”

“Very cool creativity and passion in your playing and sound David!!! ”

“Very good songs. Superb”

“very nice music and great songs !!”

“Very cool tunes...great guitar....I love it!!!”

“Well Produced, Great Rhythm and Tone. Keep It Rockin'. -Drew”

““David Wheeler's eclectic and timeless songwriting style, often a bit quirky, provides a pleasurable listening experience with memorable images formed by memorable melodies, awesome orchestration, and creative lyrics that will get you singing along and leave you with a very groovy, groovy feeling.”

“great sounds man! love your blow of the harmonica too!...Pearl”

“Great songs David !!!”

“David Wheeler is a legendary songwriter/artist. I could literally listen to his collection of eclectic multi-genre tunes all day long and never tire of listening to his stuff. Rock On David!”

“Good Indie Rock,all the best!!”

“great music :) :)”

“David great music over here. Your an exceptional artist.”

“great songs, really enjoyed listening to them :)”

“Your great song writing is still going strong!”

“There are definitely cool rhythms ova here! Love from Stockholm!”

“Artist of the Month Contest Song Review (There's a Rhythm) great song, great rhythm and beat, well written lyric very catchy, great production ”

“Raw and satisfying! Cheers.”

“very cool..”

“David great music over here. Your an exceptional artist.”

“Hi i love your work. Wonderful. keep up the beautiful, creative work, ”

Natasha Niebieska - reverbnation

“David, you have such an original, refreshing style and I really dig your work! You are also an amazing musician...I am so happy to discover your music!”

“This is GREAT music!! I'm glad I came upon you!!”

“lol, this is class. upbeat happy sounds :) Best Wishes”

“Wow, David! You are a pure musician and singer...love your tracks!”

Dollygirl - reverbnation

“WOW! you are fantastic! i heard about you on a friend of a friends page> You are GREAT!”

“hey David! nice work! i like the variety in your sound! i think your music has got character/originality!”

Embryonik - reverbnation

“Beautiful talents you got my friend”

DRAGATIS inside the mind - reverbnation

“David Wheeler sounds better every time I stop by this page !!!!! Considering I thought it sounded good the 1st time I ever heard it ~ I'll just keep coming back for more ~ you know what they say ... Good, Better, Best ~ Never let it rest . . . David Wheeler R O C K S !" ”

The Altruistic Messiah aka Ben Vandagriff

“Hey, I've been listening to your music all morning. I have to say you are really talented!! If you add more tunes let us know please. Keep up the great work”

“goood stufff”

“Your music is brilliant.”


“my brother musician I go all over these charts listening.I like knowing whose doing what,Whose got what.feel me?You,my musical friend,have a major skill set and I appreciate you much! ”

GLC Mims ( the Vocal Doctor) - reverbnation

“Pretty cool and awesome tracks, loved Up a Creek and You Say, really nice beat with them. Your tracks tell me they come from what you are thinking and what your heart is saying, this is hard to put into music, but you seem to have mastered that somehow, thats AWESOME.”

“David, your music takes me back to the simple sincerity of 60s rock. "There's a Rhythm" takes the reader on a relaxing ride on an effective, minimalistic song structure. "Hope" is a beautiful, thoughtful song about a world and a life that could be. Keep up the great work! ”

“Magic tunes mate”

Black Dog Hat - reverbnation


Houstone - musicnation .com

“You have so much to say, and you say it beautifully - both in words and music. We look forward to hearing it more often. ”

Ms. Tex (Poppermost)

“Excellent work! A superior entertainer!”

“Some very cool tunes!!”

“You and Brian were my favorite MusicNation Songwriter/Artists, BAR NONE!!! I wasn't all that bad, myself, but you guys rocked like John Prine, Tom Petty, and Roger Waters!!!!) ”

Wild Bill Austin - reverbnation

“I'm really enjoying your songs. I can tell you enjoy doing what you do and it works. Totally liking the lyrics and the laid back groove. Great stuff. ”

“Delicate, affectionate, bare stuff. A great artist and a great cross-promoter.”

“I love you versatility. Itt lures me to your music!”

“Sounds great here. "Up a Creek" has a great drive and feeling. Glad to be friends and wish you lots of success in the new year”

“Good stuff! great songs brotha man. Im joining your street team! peace ”

“ I must say you are a versatile writer...keep up the good work ”

“you have still my favorite style!!! listened to several songs today! keep your good work too!!”

“I love "Up a Creek!" Keep on keepin on, my friend. xoox ”

“'This music is bad ass…I'm feeling the experimental rock thing, brings me back to the good old days…5 stars across the board!"”

“great stuff you got there keep up the good work”

“you have a very unique sound, but its great!!”

"Clearing..." my favorite so far, Pretty talented playing all of the instruments on your stuff .. will be back to hear more, Cyd

“Hey David! "fresh, fun" lyrics, and a nice light approach ... keep on keepin' on, my friend!”

“I dig your tunes.”

“Interesting stuff! ”

“you make some great music”

“Cool sound my favorite is You Say. Keep rocking on!”

“Cool songs...”

“love what you're doing on there's a rhythm , made my hips sway a little .”

“Great music!!”

“love the stuff homie”

“Interesting material David. Wake up is a very interesting piece”

“You Say Another great piece! Keep it up!”

“There's a Rhythm Great track! Original and has a good beat! Keep it up!”

"You Say" has a nice groove to it. keep rockin !! Bob

“There's a Rhythm, rock and roll riffs, fun drumming, provocative interpretation, awesome groove! ”

“Sweet tunes there David”

"Up A Creek " is Cool

“bravo pour ta musique !!! bonne continuation ”

“I like you music too! I'm in the club”

“Love the authentic rock style of your songs and performances! Most enjoyed listening to your tracks and watching your videos!”

LPB Band - reverbnation

“Folks listen to his tunes often - you will never be disappointed. I know I haven't.”

Rick Frost

“man i love your music man.i can respect a cat coming out solo.it's not easy recording and ideas.keep the good work in motion.”

Malik Torain - reverbnation

“your music is fun! random.. but fun”

musicmgmt aka Katie Scanlon

“Listened a love what I was hearing great ear candy! ”

Chabha aka Michael F. White - reverbnation

“Great music! Shine on!:)”

Caroline Moore - reverbnation

“enjoying your sound, david! groove on ”

Susan Weber - reverbnation

“Very cool sounds you have produced here....fine work, bro.”

“Nice work David. Keep at it buddy”


Church (Vizionz)

“you say" is a great track David, good melody and arrangment.. x ”

girlierox - reverbnation

“I really like your music- Clearing up the Acequia , love you. Your words are always interesting and I like your music. Keep going! Ellen”

“U have a cool sound. I like it."”

Justin aka Henton Marshall Young

"You have a gift Let it shine Much Love and Respect

"I love your tenor and guitar. Cool beans for sure."

Mark Holman (Holworks)

“Wooohoooo! David Wheeler Rocks!!!!”

“I like your sound!!!!! I gave you some 5 star love and a vote!!!!"”

AC da'Perfecto

"I like your music. It reminds me the sweetest things


"Love the sounds…nice grooves to them!"

Five Sorrows

"Your songs are extremely original. Enjoyed 'em!"

Randy Calkins

“Your songs are real spirited. I enjoyed what I heard a lot!”

“dig your tunes man. ”

Robert Tiernan

“You know I've always been a fan”

“I LOOOOVE your sound! Its so fun!”

“David Wheeler is an incredible song writer! I draw a lot of inspiration from David's works. Consistently beautiful and relevant.”

“Enjoyed listening to your music. Each song reminds me of someone/some band different.”

“Keep kranking out the great tunes. You are very creative.”

Scientific Method aka Jim Hughes

"David Wheeler's music is fun fresh & fantastic ~ song so full of life !!!!!

The Altruistic Messiah aka Ben Vandagriff

“you have some real cool sounds... very diverse. keep rockin'!”

“They all sound great to me. I'm a big fan. Keep writing, playing & singing! ”

“Luv ur STYLE and all of ur Approaches/ U got new FANS”

“I really like what you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its nice to here something that is truly different Keep up the great work ”

“really like your music...you're very versatile and write great music and lyrics...”

“Enjoyed listening to your eclectic tunage!”

“like your style! great tunes!”

“Nice sound, great beat...awesome you do it all from start to finish...way to go!!!”