David Shepherd Grossman / Press

“David Shepherd Grossman www.davidgrossman.com He earns his daily bread as a human jukebox, delivering vocal imitations of his favorite singer-songwriters, such as Tom Waits and Lyle Lovett, as well as crowd-pleasers such as Billy Joel and Elton John. But what folks who stumble into his six-nights-a-week cover gigs rarely realize is that Grossman is an accomplished songwriter in his own right. He has even put together a 10-disc box set of CDs. An elegant guitarist with a lovely, James Taylor-esque voice, Grossman's songs use tried-and-true pop-folk melodies and structures with a great deal of musical and lyrical elegance, and often a healthy sense of humor. His request-o-matic shtick is fun, but when he performs his own material, he transcends entertainment. ”

Arizona Republic