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“David Rosenfield’s Son of Ojito will never attract the masses of radio listeners, those who consume catchy chorus lines and synth beats, loud wardrobes and louder personalities. And that is for the best. The fourteen tracks featured in Son of Ojito, the Seattle native’s first album, contain the essential ingredients of “great” music: for starters, carefully-crafted lyrics that serve as social commentary and an unrelenting flow of passionate vocals matched by a refined guitar sound. Vocally, Rosenfield resembles a faster-paced Bob Dylan and ~ like Dylan ~ is a raw-sounding, philosophical conversationalist. He’s a poetic story-teller, a man with a guitar and musical integrity.”

“Listening to some of singer-songwriter David Rosenfield’s work, you get the sense that he’s a dedicated practitioner of folk music storytelling. And he is, but he allows that while he’s strongly influenced by the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, he doesn’t care to be too literal. “It is storytelling, but it’s not straightforward storytelling,” he says. “You might have to listen to the song a few times and come up with your own interpretation.” Similarly, he’s happy to be considered a folk singer, provided it’s not defined in too restrictive a manner. “It’s pretty much folk music. Not necessarily like ‘60s folk,” he says. “It could have a little bit of punk rock in there with some country music and some blues music and it’s all just kind of mixed in there.””

“Dave Rosenfield is traveling the country in his vegetable oil-fueled Winnebago. And he’s perfectly fine with it. “I’ve been packing up my wife and kids and we all head out on this journey together,” he says during a recent phone interview from Houston. “I couldn’t do this without them, and I’m grateful they are part of this journey.” Rosenfield, who is based in Clearwater, Fla., is an indie folk singer who is touring in support of his latest album, “Son of Ojito.” The 34-year-old songwriter describes himself as a fatalist and an optimist and has an unconventional way of writing. “A lot of my lyrics are just streams of consciousness,” he explains. “Whatever is happening in my head is what comes out when I write. Rosenfield’s music has been described as a polished mixture of country, punk rock, folk and the blues.”

“As we all know, Art Walk is not just about catching some great visual art. It’s also a night that often brings great music. Sometimes the music is to accompany an opening, and sometimes it just serendipitously appears on the same night. In the latter case, Sundara Fine Art Café & Boutique will host that night David Rosenfield, a Florida-based singer-songwriter who will bring his rare brand of folk rock poetry. For anyone who is a fan of the Conor Oberst and Josh Ritter types will find something to like in Rosenfield. Check him out while basking in the arty glow.”

"David Rosenfield is the quintessential gentleman songster of our times; entertaining in a truly organic and knowingly experienced way."

Simaen Skolfield, Grammy Award winning recording engineer - artist review

“Florida-based folkie David Rosenfield was born in Seattle and raised in California. Along the way, he picked up punk attitude from both locales, merging it with his singer-songwriter sensibilities to create a raw sound that combines poetic lyrics with his energetic strum.”

The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY

"David Rosenfield's official bio promises music that sounds 'like Conor Oberst playing early Dylan, or The Mountain Goats with Allen Ginsberg as lyricist.' That's a hefty load to bear, but Rosenfield does have the vibe of a literate poet-philosopher. Along with the names above, we would throw Jonathan Richman into the mix. Rosenfield's songs can be bouncy and fun, but he never strays too far off message -- in May, he'll go on tour in a motorhome converted to run on vegetable oil."

"...the way in which he writes and sings his story-like lyrics is astonishing – he is a true 21st century story teller through music."

"Born and raised on the West Coast, David Rosenfield's compositions still retain the Northwest style of independent folk rock, although he is now based out of Florida. His lyrics remind the listener of what songwriting really is: poetry."

"Overall, ‘Son of Ojito’ is a record that will surprise as much as it will excite. It is a personal journey through one man’s music, but is also part of the great journey of American folk. A journey that, thanks to artists such as David Rosenfield, shows no sign of coming to an end."