David Rhodes Brown / Press

“Researching and rereading our coverage this year, I found myself thinking “Oh yeah! That was amazing!””

“Brown's songwriting plays as solid adult pop message-songs, full of yearnings and life's lessons learned. They range from rockabilly to call-and-response gospel, from toe-tapping hoedowns to crying-in-your-beer laments.”

“Browngrass & Wildflowers is an amazingly diverse album, from the Americana swing of “Bite the Bullet” and the Roots Rock chug of “Dangerous Man” to the Bluegrass strains of “Almost Gone,” the pure Country/Rock twang of “Wishin’ Well” and Brown’s raging cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt,” all of it sounding like the greatest album Dave Alvin never made. ~ Brian Baker, CityBeat Magazine”

“David Rhodes Brown Releases New Cd "Browngrass and Wildflowers" 10/23 at The Southgate House”