David Ray / Press

“David Ray captured the down and dirty, often gritty side of life in a performance that was often electrifying as he turned his guitar into a complex rhythm machine with his dynamic finger picking magic. His songs, fraught with double entendres, word plays, complex imagery and brash humor, focused on the women of the night who just like his music are both frightening and alluring. His voice, that was a blend of Tom Waits and Toby Walker, was bold and unabashed in his portrayals of the seedy side of life where nothing is clear, everything is tentative and people are living on the edge. Oh yeah. No wonder the audience cheered and jumped to their feet. The night was musical journey between heaven and hell. And the audience chose hell and just a "Li'l Dynamite.””

“I idolized many musicians and swore if only I had a chance to meet one of them we’d fall in love and live happily ever after--even if I was only 13. I thought those days were over until this past summer at The Georgetown Saloon...when I noticed a guy sitting at the table next to ours donning a black fedora, nursing what looked like OJ, and generally minding his own business. The guitar propped up next to him gave him away, but his eyes were downcast and he remained almost still. It was obvious he was different--but I wasn’t sure just how. Then his name was called, up on the stage he went, and I became 13 years old all over again. The sound of his voice, the lyrics, and the confidence he exuded as he strummed and picked that guitar was a surprise. A folk, jazz and acoustic mix all wrapped up in one impressive performance. And the crowd knew he was something different too--they were as mesmerized as I was.”

“The musical lineup for the free show promises to be as eclectic as it will be entertaining. Slated to perform are favorites Stacy Labriola, Open Book, Ken and Jeannie Veltz, Natalie Amendola, Todd Giudice, Mark Grossman, David Ray and Dan Fleming. ”

“A fantastic musician/songwriter...”

“An extraordinary acoustic artist...”