David Rakower (featuring The ZonkFamily Orchestra) / Press

“Catching some of the artist’s most meaningful experiences, the album carries an even flow of playful, catchy tunes, along with powerful, moving melodies. Standout song “And I Know” features a beautiful, slow intro with soft piano and lead guitar, ultimately picking up the pace for a more explosive sound. “Around that Bend” offers up a New Orleans style flavor, while “Going down Again” takes on a more contemporary sound, resulting in a compilation of various influences. With the help of Steve Connelly at Zen Recording Studio in Pinellas Park, the guys were able to do just that. According to David, “we took on the project step by step and track by track to develop the feel.” Not wasting any time, David Rakower is already fast at work on his second album and plans to release sometime in the near future. Click here to listen to “Couch to Studio, A Musical Experiment.” ”

“The album is an innovative mingling of bluegrass and storytelling with an unmistakable ear for musical empathy and the right touch to illuminate the spirit. The lyrics honor the past and forge into the future, bringing fresh sounds to the bluegrass world and beyond. It’s great songwriting chemistry and creative energy. David Rokower’s vocals are soulful and easygoing, soaring with fire and embodying passion. From the first track, “18 Year Old Man,’ with its catchy beat and driving vocals, to the meditative “Introduction” and “And I Know,” the energy is infectious and perpetual. The life affirming qualities in “Goin’ Down Again” and “Around that Bend” is a testament to living life in the now, urging us to reflect on what is uplifting and reminding us that new possibilities and adventures lie ahead. “In Plain View,” life coalesces and encourages us to dance to the rhythm of our own song. The music is timely and timeless, delivered with a deep knowledge”