David Packouz / Press

“a cross between Pink Floyd and Nirvana... layered with harmonies”

“David Packouz makes thoughtful music that reflects the human condition, in various ways. He has a clean, neat way of writing his songs that's very appealing. "Your Mask" reflects on superficial and inner beauty without getting trapped by cliché. He plays his guitar well and the melody's lovely. "We are all Human" makes a common observation but in a believable way. Packouz' plea for tolerance and peace in a troubled world can hardly fail to resonate with the listener. "Flickering Light" speaks of finding deeper values than colleting things and has a slowly unfurling Beatles-y vibe. Packouz' vocal is dead on and his guitar playing superb. "Eternal Moment" is sweet and has a melody that easily lodges in the mind. Packouz really drives his point of living for the moment home. It's a nice record all told.”

“The powerful male vocalist of the rock world. Great message and sound”


“…a stunning display that world class talent is still out there to be discovered. Packouz's lyrics, melodies and soaring harmonies will move you to tears… with artwork to rival the best of Pink Floyd or Tool, this is one album that is worth buying as a physical CD”


“Eclectic eccentric electric acoustic... MicroCOSM is a universe of sound. A diverse yet cohesive album that triggers intense emotion with every listen. It's a great headphones record with long progressive rock instrumental passages and richly layered harmonies. It also has awesome artwork!”


“A cross between Pink Floyd and Nirvana, layered with harmonies... heartfelt, meaningful lyrics... very well produced sound”

Miami New Times

“Great Performance, Great artist, at times can be soothing at other times very intense. Destined for greatness, me thinks.”

The People's Showcase