Monkey Paw Finger / Press

"Unparalelled Musicanship Coupled With An Impeccable Artistic Vision That Defies All Logic, Reason, Common Sense, Decency And Good Taste!!"

David's Mother... - Momma's Wisdom

"Monkey Paw Finger" Rocked Us With The Blues So Hard That My Wife's Teeth Flew Out Of Her Mouth And Into Deep Space...We Couldn't Find Our Dog Afterwards!!!!

Little Johnny Cockeroo - "Blues Forever" Blog

"Dig Man, Molly Hatchet & Little Walter Had A Love Child, "Sunshine & rain" Is Very Nicely Done. Can't Help But Relate To The Job & Hot Woman Verse! :-) Long Live The Blues!

Clinch Mountain Mojo - Reverbnation Artist

"Chicken Shack Shakin'" Reminds Me Alot of the North Mississippi Allstars"...Great Sound"...

Tyler Preston, Juneau, Alaska - Reverbnation Artist

"Your Music has A Bit Of Paul McCartney & Wings Sound To It On "Bad Little Girl"! Love It! Peace & Love"

Circle Of Friends And American Britt RN Artists - ReverbNation Comment

"Top Notch Blues Rockers! Keep That Monkey Paw Away From The Voodoo Doctor! (Bad Little Girl) Feels Like The Wedding Song For Billy Bob Thornton And Angelina Jolie...."

Mike White Presents, RN Artist, London, U.K. - Reverbnation

"Shades of the Beatles But With Your Own, Unique Instrumentation, And That Is Some AMAZING Harp Work! It Makes Me Wanna Dance!

Tracy Rigby RN Artist New York, New York - Reverbnation

"David L. Vacek & Monkey Paw Finger? Right, they have that Mike Hartman Chap on Guitar & Bass as well as Mr Vacek Howling and playing a bit of the Blues harp, Fun Lot They Are!"

Paul McCartney - Mac's Blues Blog

“Blues Boogie With A Dose of Fun Thrown in the Mix!”

David L. Vacek - Ft Collins Coloradoan

"Bad Little Girl"...Great Shuffle Beat, Really Impressive Playing...I Love That Kind Of Music...Oh, Nice Vocals...The Song has a Great British Invasion Feel...I'm Green With Envy!

Burning Monk - Reverbnation Artist - Colorado, USA

“David L. Vacek & Monkey Paw Finger??? Who the Bleeding Hell Are They??”

Mick Jagger - Rolling Stone

“David Vacek has the Blues sensibilities of an Authentic Blues Performer, and his live performances are a total party! Check him out!”

Blues Editor - Northern Colorado Blues News