David Luning / Press

"He has a lot of originality going on.... his music, his words, and his appearance. There's something about Luning's songs that you immediately connect with which makes his music special and that makes David a cut way above the rest!" Regarding Just Drop On By, "A truly very good debut outing from a, more than likely, major talent!" -Bill Bowker, KRSH 95.9

"Just Drop on By is the best Americana Music album I've heard in 2012. It's full of alluring, enticing and embracing songs that keep you coming back for more, almost like you've become a Luning addict and you absolutely need it. From the driving guitar licks in Whiskey Bottle to the corn spun sing along in My Baby Blues on Wheels, Just Drop on By never disappoints, making you want to become best friends with this album in a hurry. Lyrically, David pens like a musical veteran with splashes of humor, wit and human analysis showing the influence of his heroes John Prine, Hayes Carll and Todd Snider. Each song has become cemented in my head ringing true and will certainly stand the test of time. Every listen creates more excitement, more passion and more impatience as I can't wait to get to the next song and the next song after that. At his young age, David Luning has created a phenomenal experience, one that the masses shall enjoy.."

"David Luning is one of those exceedingly rare talents who deserves your full attention. Now. He is so fully formed as an artist that those who are fortunate enough to find him will all but heave a sign of relief at the discovery, like I did, as if to say, 'Finally. I've been looking for you!'" Regarding Just Drop On By, "...it might be one of the best records anyone's ever sent me. Sounds. F$%&ing. Phenomenal." -Kyle Terrizzi, Host of "Listen Up" Podcast from Shut Up Songwriter's

““The Americana scene is very much alive and well due to its long-standing roots in acoustic, folk, bluegrass and country music,” Patrick Maloney said. “Music with this kind of history is not going anywhere and will continue to be a driving force on radio charts and record sales as long as we have young, emerging artists like David Luning.."”

“California Live Mic: The Second Show "David Luning and crew picked, strummed and shuffled their way through three country/folk tunes steeped in Americana and seeming at once familiar and new. The set began with "Buddies 'Til the End", a witty, good natured, hoist-your-glass ode to true blue pals forgiving all personality flaws that is destined be heard closing the night at your local watering hole, changed pace slightly with the earnest love letter, "Bed of Roses", and closed with "Whiskey Bottle", a rollicking, foot stomping proposal to everyone's favorite amber liquor after one too many women have walked out. Luning's voice had a warm, gravel-tinged timbre that belied his 23 years, as did his crafty, insightful songwriting, and his band provided fitting support, with a strong backbeat, authentic and tuneful harmonies and some fine lap-steel accompaniment from David Sampson. The crowd had no trouble getting in to it, toe-tapping, hand clapping, and cheering from the balcony."”

“Davids music just seems to strike a note with people all across the board at his shows, you’ll see people dancing and singing along every time. One song he sings in-particular “whiskey bottle” always gets crowds riled up..”

"Nice voice!… Great dynamics."

Enrique Gonzalez Muller, Producer, Grammy nominee - Judge at West Coast Songwriter's Competition

““Interviewing David under the lights and in front of the cameras felt pretty much like being in my own living room. He has an easy-going, laid back personality that masks the smart, talented, and I'll stop short of saying shrewd, songwriter underneath. He's engaging, his original music is entertaining and plumbs intriguing depths, his singing voice has a riveting, growling catch in it… David's songs are characterized by clever lyrics that turn around nicely. Clever twists and turns in the lyrics and just solid melodies. Singable, memorable, and familiar, but not stock.” ”

“David Luning has the charisma and talent to go very far with his music. His lyrics are creative and clever and his melodies memorable and engaging. Whether on the piano or guitar, David entertains and creates a different mood with each song. As soon as he begins to sing you know you're in for a very special experience. I can hardly wait to hear his next album. David is definitely the 'real deal.'”

Jan White - West Coast Songwriters