David Lear / Press

“'Went down to the river, threw myself in'....these are the first lyrics of David Lear's new release, 'REVELATION ROAD'. Great image when you've been exposed and need to be washed of your sins. A very cool crying lead wraps itself around the dirgelike sound of the melody and David Lear's vocals takes on a hollow tone as this troubadour walks on down 'Revelation Road'. I immediately thought of Johnny Cash doing this song, if only. Music and Lyrics by David Lear Copyright by Real Cures Music (ASCAP)”

LL - Blue Nude Press

“On David Lear “Walkin’ A Thin Line” CD Single: I guess I must know, I was walking my thin line, which is why I probably didn't want to walk another! It's a super song, love the lyrics, especially the last line "there's a train comes this way you'll be better to take"... and that Lazy Brad Lewis on the guitar. Amazing! I said "what a song for Lyle Lovett!" Another super song by David Lear. That lead guitar and cover artwork takes the cake!!!”

Louise Luna - Lunar Light

“On Lear"s CD Dang! w/The Nob Hill Billys: Marvelous! The whole album comes together nicely. Lyrics, vocals and instruments blend wonderfully. The songs stay in your head and the lyrics are thoughtful too. Good one!”

Cathryn Ellis - Down Under