David Ford / Press

“'Pop star or not, David Ford remains one of Britain's best. - 5 out of 5'”

Lisa Verrico - The Times (London)

“'an English Lucinda Wiliams…puts everything into every note & word’”

Phil Sutcliffe - The Los Angeles Times

“‘David Ford is the eternal thrill of a young man going way too far and pulling it off!'”

David Hepworth - Word Magazine

“He is becoming unmissable - 5 out of 5’”

Dave Simpson - The Guardian

“’sends a chill up the spine’”

Dan Cairns - The Sunday Times (London)

“'David Ford played to an enraptured crowd’”

Latitude Festival - roundup review - Q Magazine

“David Ford, a work of sheer greatness'”

Will Levith - American Songwriter

“'David Ford delivered the greatest performance of the whole weekend'”

John Sakamoto - The Toronto Star

“'David Ford; for people who actually give a shit'”

The Fly Magazine

“‘genuine depth and striking authority’”

Rolling Stone