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“Ipswich Down is a Rock/Pop/Funk band from Asbury Park, NJ, made up of David Fagan (vocals, guitar), “Basskidd” Timmy Douglas (bass), and Damien Mendez (drums). The band was formed in 2014, and they’ve been building a local buzz with groove heavy Pop Rock, and frenetic live performances. Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? Thanks for having us! We’ve been great, busy and inspired, and looking forward to a productive 2015 where we make a lot of new fans and friends. Let´s talk about your upcoming EP– any title in mind? This EP is the first of four that we’ll be releasing throughout 2015, one every three months. We have a few ideas that we’re bouncing around, I (David-vocals/guitar) was just going to cop out and call them 1, 2, 3, and 4, but Basskidd (Timmy Douglas-bass), wants to go all out, and give each one a different title, and album cover. It’ll be out in a few weeks, so we’ll all see what we come up with soon enough.”

“Snowball 37 are a smooth blend of “alterative & power pop rock,” if you can picture that. Their manner kind of takes me back to sounds of ‘90s rock nostalgia that I never get sick of & sometimes wish would be reincarnated. You know, like those albums that you hold close to your heart because they somewhat remind you of your youth, like in my case, Weezer’s Blue Album & Green Day’s Dookie. 16 years later & those 10-12 songs still sound as fresh as they did in 1994. Anyway, I digress. After months of chatting with David, the band has finally released their full-length record, Declasse, available for purchase on iTunes now! “The All Star Generation” & “Indigo” are two of my personal favorites, but there are 11 more tracks of goodness to be heard. Each song and lyric tells a story, & no story is the same. While they’re not the most famous band out there, they have a decent following & aren’t exactly unknown either, for when I mentioned that they’d be getting airplay”

Maria Mar - The Aquarian Weekly

“Snowball 37, Declasse. Snowball 37 are David and Tim Fagan, James Faust, and Brent Clore. Originally hailing from Jersey City, the band now call Point Pleasant home. Declasse displays some Jersey Shore influence right away, opening with the sound of Brent Clore's saxophone on "Long Dead and Gone." From there, the album's 13 tracks move through the sounds of 1990's alternative rock, pop punk, and even classic rock with lyrical references to Neil Young and Kurt Cobain. Declasse is available now at your favorite digital music retailer and on Spotify. It's "Jersey Fresh" and worth a listen.”

Cool Dad Music

“This Jersey Shore trio of power-popsters are another find, courtesy of Deirdre Gilmartin’s The Independent Stage radio program and quite a find they are. It may be inappropriate to say “classic power pop”, but damn it, they have it and they have it right. Starting with “Long Dead and Gone”, with its sax fills carrying into tight guitar, bass and drums, you can’t help but automatically appreciate them. The lyrical bite of “The All Star Generation” isn’t to be overlooked, even though it’s neatly wrapped in an upbeat melody; “Baby, You’re A Star” has a retro-glam feel (think T. Rex-ish) and “From The Ebb” has a warmth that reminds me of a Frosting On The Beater-styled outtake, with its slow start and building into a heavier punch. David Fagan is quite the well-schooled songwriter. This is a solid debut effort and this band – at least to me – is heading in the right direction. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

Robert Ross - Popdose

“Serving up thirteen snappy songs worth of gloriously basic, vibrant, and unpretentious meat and potatoes rock’n’roll, this New Jersey based quartet keep things rolling along with a winning blend of energy and simplicity. The vocals are lively and passionate, the arrangements clean, harmonic, and uncluttered, the playing crisp and dynamic, the songwriting concise and to the point. The spirited array of sprightly guitars, steady basslines, and sturdy forward-ho drums ensure that the brisk tempos and constant beats remain hoppin’ from start to finish while the occasional bits of smooth wailin’ saxophone provide some additional soulful kick to the rousing mix. A hugely enjoyable album.”

Jim Wawrzyniak - Jersey Beat

“A constant mix of hopeful and morbid in what he does, David's pop sensibility, catchy hooks, simple melodies and chord chages, and singing voice, give him an edge that most contemporary bands don't have nowadays.”

Keeton Geer - Music X-Ray

“David's songwriting is a mix or Springsteen, Freddie Mercury, and Neil Young, all mixed into a pot of punk ethos and served best either electric or acoustic. Whether with his band Snowball 37, or by himself with his gold electric hollowbody and amp, David is one of the most talented songwriter/performers of the NJ underground scene, and it's only a matter of time before the world of indie music is taken by storm.”

Jane Jubilee - The Aquarian Weekly