David Clerest Project / Press

“Dave(Clerest), comes in with all his own equipment,PA, prerecorded tracks and puts on a pretty rocking good show. I recently caught him over at McReds in Van Nuys, playing a 40 minute set backed by a sound track. Dave sang and shredded his guitar and even controlled his own fog and lights. Dave's shredding skills are excellent, Vocals about average. The music was of the old school metal genre, with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure.”

Revn Kevin - Rock City News

“interview with David Clerest in German language.”

“smoke fills the stage at 8:05, with some apparent hard core fans getting up from their great seats at their table to the front of the stage – for David Clerest. Who is this guy again? Once on stage this long haired rocker stood out from anything I have ever seen before. He was a one man band. To the side of the stage was a sampler/drum machine, pre-programed with custom backup instruments. According to David Clerest’s website, after struggling to keep a band together, David decided to go solo. He programs the drum machine and pre-records the bass guitar to use as back up tracks. Then on stage he does lead guitar and vocals for what ends up being, a very entertaining set. Some of his set list, such as “Blinded By A Lie” and “Resolution Song” can be found on his website. Check out this one man entertainment machine if you get the chance.”