David Brian Colbert / Press

“David Colbert...unveiled his first solo show in five years,creating a superlative cabaret experience...I believe you won’t see a better show in 2009 for originality, structure, musical talent, and above all great singing and acting! Colbert has an astonishing five octave range...This is one of the greatest cabaret shows of the new century! Colbert’s been touring the country in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, winning awards in every regional venue from Philadelphia to Sarasota. The Metropolitan Room was packed wall to wall ...Racing barefoot up to the stage in black jeans, black shirt and a tie, he immediately demonstrated his great mime and dance techniques as he rocked the room...It was a brilliant opening, also enchanced by singers Tanya Holt and Karen Mack. The explosive and flawless show was directed by the award winner comedienne/singer Kristine Zbornik.”