Davey O. / Press

"On “Testing For Rust,” Davey O. crafts intimate, folk-and country-based slices of a life examined. With a journalist’s eye for detail and poet’s ear for the well-turned observation, he finds the universal in the particular, turning day-to-day minutiae into dusty paeans to the indomitability of the human spirit."

Jeff Miers - The Buffalo News

"On Testing For Rust, I am impressed with Davey O.'s power to create mental pictures in the listener's mind ...he is a talented songwriter ."

Mike Penard - ISA Radio, France

"a rare voice for the actual struggling everyday people of this world--not filtered through legend or tradition, but as actually and personally experienced"

Sarah Craig - Caffe Lena

"Countrified folk is the general territory navigated by Davey O.’s slow and deliberate manner in conveying his stories via song. But he is capable of revving it up as well, especially in a bonus cut, recorded live. Hearts worn on sleeves, well put together singer songwriter material, etc… There are all the good things here you want and this is the type of act I would enjoy on stage as he clearly has something to say and can musically express it well."

David Hintz - Folk World