Dave W. Mac / Press

“Wow Dave, thanks for letting me hear you awesome talents!”

Nick ODemian - Nick ODemian

“Thanks for sharing "One Day You Will Pay" - what a strong message and melody - and superb guitar playing.”

Chris Ingram - Chris Ingram

“Love Sage of Sorrow. Great voice great sound here!!!”

Thomas Magee - Thomas Magee

“'Poor Me..' 'Sage of Sorrow'.. Dave you effortly manage to drag me straight into your magic musical storytelling, I sadly smile looking back, I happily smile looking forward, I forget where I am. Amazing.”

Marco Akamawa - Marco Akamawa

“Dave W. Mac is a rather prolific songwriter; well, at least more than me. Just found this song of Dave's over on World Music and it is quite an interesting take on homelessness and his insight is amazing. Thanks Dave for sharing this with all of us. Happy to share it.”

“I listened to every well-placed note and each sacred word. Gentle picking belies the sharp commentary and bawdy humor. Mac hand crafts authentic stories in a Tom Paxton/Cisco Houston vein. The lyrics are always clever, often jarringly profound. What a treasure to find!”

Ewan Wadharmi - In Fell Traitors

“Beautifully emotive guitar, vocals and an enchanting mix of influences in your music my friend, keep up the great work! Peace & respect,”

Aerial - Lunar Dusk

“Dave, you're in touch with the roots of American music and have re-defined a genre that helped carry people through rough times and good times. You are a poet musician without any agenda other than the sweet soul sounds sampled on these tracks. You've revived for me the kind of nostalgia we need to keep in our hearts. Thank you.”

David Namerow - Reverbnation

"Open Up Your Mind". This is definately one of those songs that needed to be written and no one better than Dave W. Mac to do just that. I like it Dave W. Mac and what you are saying in this song needs to be repeated over and over again. Gonna share this one on my wall. Thanks for puttin this one up .... and nothing better than to have If Only follow this one.

Douglas Dickens - Talent Hook-Up

“I like it, Dave. The lyrics are right on target, the melody works well in a Woody Guthrie kind of way, and I really dig the fingerpicking instrumental break. Bravo!”

Ron Ireland - Folk/Country Group

“Dave - I have been immersed in art and music all my life - and, unfortunately, there are many, many pretenders - who invade our space out of pure ego - when music is REAL it is undeniable - this song is the epitome of REAL my friend, your dad will be real proud ... I use the present tense for a reason !! xx”

Peter Alexander Shields - Folk Music Movement (Facebook Group)

“ Great writing Dave and love the mellow, acoustic style! Keep it up!! ”

Country / Red Dirt / Traditional Country - Ashley Edwards

“Michelle Anderson - Country / Acoustic Americana / Acoustic Country Hi Dave, You have some really well-written songs. Enjoyed them ”

Michelle Anderson - Michelle Anderson - Country / Acoustic Americana / Acoustic

“ Enjoyed visiting your page.. brilliant songs…. particularly love if only ”

Double Ocean - Double Ocean - Pop / Indie / Electronic

“ Hi! I enjoyed Pour Me, it is a lovely melody for a kind of serious topic. I really liked Share the Peace too.”

Shanna Underwood - Shanna Underwood - Folk / Americana / Blues

“great acoustic work dave ”

Chase Tyler - Chase Tyler Band - Country / Southern Rock / Variety

“ Dave, i love your music. Especially "Someone Else's Eyes." It sort of reminds me of Johnny Cash in a way. Lovely. Keep it up”

Priscilla Gray - Priscilla Gray--Country/Songwriter/Accoustic

“Great songs here Brother. Keep up the good work. God Bless you. ”

Bobby Dee. Nashville Recording Artist - Bobby Dee-Country.Bluegrass/Gospel

“ Great Music!! Love it :=)”

Tina Mae - Tina Mae-Country/Blues/Accoustic

“ Your music is outstanding my friend, keep up the wounderful work”

JD Greer - JD Greer- R&B/Soul/Rock n Soul/Pop

“ I really like WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER it is a great song!!! You see the world from a great perspective and it's wonderful how you put it in words!!!”

Neal Rawlings - Neal Rawlings-Folk/Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter

“loving your lyrics!! your tracks are so down to earth, its impossible not to like them!! all the best to you dude!”

Todd - Todd Stone

“HARBOUR ROMANCE. Cllr Brian Leverett, leader of the council, Borough of Poole, has listened to the tune, which he called “a beautiful and very personal tribute to Poole and its harbour”. Michelle Holland, Poole Tourism deputy tourism manager, said: “People are very passionate about our town and it is great that Poole and the surrounding areas have provided the backdrop to such a romantic gesture.””