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“Dave Rave – Anthology: Volumes 1 & 2 (Bullseye) :: One night I was waiting for an under assistant West Coast promo man to drop by and listen to some songs I’d recorded back in the ’70s when I heard a rapping, a gentle tapping, at my chamber door. Sure enough it was the promo man, but he was unexpectedly accompanied by one of Canada’s most well-respected rockers, the one — and you’d better believe only — Dave Rave.”

Jeffrey Morgan - Detroit Metro Times

“Over the course of a career dating to the mid-‘70s, Dave Rave has been blending early rock ‘n’ roll with punk and an eminent pop tunesmith’s sensibility, whether with his most famous ensemble – Teenage Head – or the Shakers, the Trouble Boys and various versions of the Dave Rave Group. Rave has been called Canada’s answer to Nick Lowe, which most likely means he’s an artist capable of writing, producing, performing, collaborating, or going it alone, all with equal skill and ever-evident enthusiasm.”

Jeff Miers - Buffalo News

“Dave Rave has been in and around the punk and rock scene since the late 1970s. All that time the British Invasion sound has been that the root of his music making. Luckily for him, music trends tend to recirculate, and it just may be his turn again. With well-laid stripes of guitars and drums and a personable emo-indie voice, Rave captures with an experienced hand the sounds and styles that have become so popular today in slightly electrified indie rock. Psychedelic effects, forlorn drums and a falsetto sheen, acoustic guitars on the verge of colliding with their electrified cousins in the course of a single bar. On top of all this, the songwriting is catchy and well-performed. If you run into him at the next SXSW festival, give him a high and a high five – he deserves it.”

SAS - JSI Top 21

“Dave Rave & Mark McCarron -- In the Blue of My Dreams (Bongo Beat) The duo's second record sounds less forced than its first. Dave "Rave" Des Roches is too devoted a pop-rocker and too irrepressible to be strictly a jazz singer while McCarron gets to show more versatility than the comparatively straitjacketed debut. Here flutes, bassoons and clarinet mingle with cello to create a kind of chamber pop that is elegant and exotic. Rave and McCarron have created something unique, a hybrid sound that mixes pop, jazz and classical sources in varying measures starting with the melodic "At the End of the Day." B+”

Tom Harrison - Vancouver Province

“This two-volume anthology of the music of Canadian pop rocker Dave Rave contains some of the best pop-rock music of the past 25 years, and makes a strong case for Rave as one of pop rock’s preeminent practitioners. Rave has performed with a wide variety of groups and collaborators over the years. His c.v. includes stings with the groups the Shakers, Teenage Head, and the Dave Rave Conspiracy/Group, as well as collaborations with former Washington Squares member Lauren Agnelli and jazz guitarist Mark McCarron. All of these, and more, are represented on the anthology.”

Geoff Cabin - Rock Beat International

“The veteran pop rocker has performed in the English city four times in the past five years and with every show he feels more at home. Dave's developed a genuine affection for the northern English dock city -- and it's not just because it's the home of the Beatles. It's about the warmth and sincerity of the Liverpudlians he's met there. You can hear it in the song Streets of Liverpool, one of 16 tracks on Dave's new CD, Live With What You Know. Actually, you can hear it throughout the record, which is an unmistakable return to that mid-'60s English style of rock. When Dave first played Liverpool, he was in awe, which was understandable. He was, after all, playing in the Cavern, the club made famous by the Beatles. But as he got to know the people and the place more, things started to have a familiar ring. The people were friendly, down to earth. There were no airs about them.”

Graham Rockingham - Hamilton Spectator

“Dave Rave just wasn't made for these times. The Can-Rock vet and ex-Teenage Head man continues to look back to the days when Brittania ruled the airwaves on his latest CD, channeling the jingle-jangle guitars, close-harmony vocals and Beatle-boot beats of the British Invasion. A little more power in his power-pop wouldn't hurt, but fans of Alex Chilton won't be disappointed.”

Darryl Sterdan - Winnipeg Sun

“DAVE RAVE has been associated with some great rock bands, like Teenage Head and the Dave Rave Conspiracy. But as the years went on, he bent more toward his origins, which is more on the pop side. Oh, I'm not talking about Top 10 radio, I'm talking Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe '60s style (I remember our first conversation in the 1980s being about Edmunds). Presently, he's had a relatively recent yet lasting work relationship with jazz aficionado and musician Mark McCarron, and a partnership with ex-rocker, folker, and more recently chanteuse Lauren Agnelli, on top of adding to his pop side with his long-standing relationship with producer / musician / music historian / fellow Canadian Gary Pig Gold, his more melodic side is gaining momentum.”

Robert Barry Francos - Jersey Beat

“Some albums aren't very immediate. That is, they require the listener to spend some quality time with them, revealing their charms over repeated listening. Other records -and this is a much rarer occurrence - grab the listener's heart, or ear, or other appendage. Live With What You Know from Dave Rave plants itself firmly in the latter category. I'm a pushover for the jangle. So when I was going through my periodical smash-or-trash exercise to decide which of the many CDs on my desk would go in the to-be-reviewed pile, it took literally second for me to shout (yes, literally shout) "Yes!" to Live With What You Know. From the opening crash of chords to the Ringo-styled drum fill to the opening lyric ("Hey!") I knew I had found a winner.”

Bill Kopp - Musoscribe

“For the former lead singer and guitarist of Teenage Head, Canada's most popular punk rock band in the 1980s, performing now has become the art of staying true to oneself. Dave "Rave" DesRoches and his backing band, featuring Bill Culp for the evening, performed at Flyer's Café in Dunnville on Saturday as both fans from DesRoches's past endeavors and present projects gathered for a night filled with energy, antics and, of course, some rock n' roll music. "It's all about putting everything together. I've seen a lot of success in Teenage Head, The Shakers and elsewhere, but all throughout I've learned the most important thing you can do is stay true to who and what you are," said DesRoches.”

Matt Day - Dunnville Chronicle