Dave Kellan / Press

“Within this era of compromised musical value, talent and passion, few solo artists are able to provide a live show that keeps you captured from beginning to end. However, Dave Kellan manages to keep you riveted and hoping for an encore. With his soulful voice, solid songwriting skills, and sweet-melodic, yet violent guitar rips, he embodies the talent of great musicians before his time. Self-describing his music as soul/rock/pop with a blues base, he has infused the local NYC music circuit with a sound all of his own.”

“Dave Kellan is one of the most talented musicians in the Mid-Michigan scene today. That's right. GIMME KELLAN. For Kellan his talent seems a birth right. Undeniable as a breath of fresh air.”

“Dave Kellan has found his identity after three solo albums over the course of the past seven years. Wading chest high somewhere between soul and groove rock, his new CD, Rounder Than the Sound, proves to be his most adventurous musical nature better than anything he has done in the past. ”

“The Infectious Dave Kellan He's been compared to John Mayer, has won awards, and has been recognized as an outstanding musician. The basic underlying fact is that, Dave Kellan can sing. Team the vocal talent with mastery old-school jazz and blues influences, and it just doesn't get any better. ”