Dave Kearney / Press

“Dear Dave Kearney friend from afar , been wanting to share for a while that your beautiful track Lak' Ech Ala K'in - Mayan greeting 'I am you, you are me' was played for 70 dancers in the 1st day of a 3 day dance movement medicine gathering led by dear friend Christian de Sousa ( part of a year long course 'The way of the Dancer ') starting of in Waterloo London, then becoming quite nomadic as we changed venues completing in a glorious mosque in East London. My heart lept with joy to be moving with friends in the heart lyrical prayer that I have listened to so many times and sung with - again and again I am thankful for this song - wanted you to know and see in your hearts eye the image of us moving to you x I also have the urge wish to learn the words and share with the ongoing year long group of 21 during our camp week in Devon at end of July x with love and Gratitude xxx”

Morag Donnelly

“ Front Row Dave August 1 at 11:06am Report Great show last night Dave. Very impressed with you and Elly. Great combo and you really compliment each other on stage. Your voice with her fills, and her voice with your melodic strumming make it very special. Front Row Dave.com”

"I like what you are doing,don't give up...."

Guy Clark - bluebird cafe

“Dave's songwritng sounds like Townes Van Zandt meets Guy Clark...”

Rick Gedney Guitarist, Vocalist and songwriter with Open Book - " Ghost Tracks " cd. release

"If Duane Allman and Stephen Stills had recorded together, " Call Me By My Name " from the " Ghost Tracks " cd. is what it would sound like.

Don Sparks / The Tall Troubador - " Ghost Tracks " cd. release

" Dave Kearney Is one of the best songwriters I've heard in years "

Tom Pacheco - " Ghost Tracks " cd. release

“Singer/songwriter Kearney, of Woodstock, NY, sang — in his soothing, sweetly melancholy tone — songs that evoke the struggles one faces in matters of love, life, death, and addiction. The bluesy tune “Call Me By My Name,” for example, features the lyrics “I’m the friend you never wanted/I’m the friend you’ll always have/I’m the friend who'll watch you suffer then smile and say I’m glad.” Although he’s quite softspoken during a conversation, Kearney lets loose in a powerful way onstage, in a style reminiscent of a cowboy archetype – singing sad, slow songs that lead nearly every guest in attendance to cock his or her head to the side and think about someone they long for.”