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Dave Imbernön / Press

“Es un trabajo estupendo, el concepto (la historia) genial. Las melodías muy curradas,son sublimes, épicas y priman durante todo el trabajo. Además no recuerdo haber escuchado antes un tema tuyo como el Flowers and you (lira,flauta).¡A Hollywood ya! ¡hombre!... Yo soy un amante de las B.S.O de películas. Las tengo en CD y hasta en vinilo. Tu trabajo suena a B.S.O. de primera y me da igual que alguien piense que estoy chiflado o que soy un exagerado. Este "Love & Honor" tiene melodías capaz de emocionar, melodías que entran a la primera, melodías que no resultan cansinas y lo que es mejor, melodías que se quedan grabadas y no se van de la cabeza. De lo mejor que has hecho o quizá lo mejor.”

Álvaro Pajares - La Hora de Alvarzeus

“Great soundscapes and melodies make this a very satisfying listen!Very clean production and confident performance!Download this CD now!!”

“Most songs today are just rhythms. The melody and harmony have been forgotten. You redeem it in their music, mainly beautiful melodies. Great job, congratulations.”

Gerardo Barbosa - Jamendo

“The fragility of the human mind...that is very delicate.. and the heart...that is held within that person so. those feels..beliefs and....emotions of euphoria...bliss and pure harmony... and overwhelming, love.... and shocking at times..and other times..they are then.. .. suddenly bouts of sadness..sombreness and sub-dueness and depression...that can rocket his or her world from one extreme to the other...in his or her... mood swings..involves periods of elevations or irritable moods of mania. That are sometimes hard to handle for the loved ones around them..but for that person ...they are moments they are in extreme states of fragile and pure emotional moments of feeling....and not really realizing the extent of them all..that run deep...”

“I really liked this album. In my fragile mind : a beautiful piano melody Bye Bye reason : a melodic progressive rock, ending with a piano solo Pain & Madness : the piano seems to ask why (why pain, why madness, why darkness...). Very emotional Closed : another impressive piano part with a fine solo by the end Bipolarity : an expert piano piece with a romantic mood in the middle On me : the synth replaces the piano for a more epic music Last word : that piano really speaks, tenderly and emotionnaly, joined by fine strings work. I enjoyed the uptempo part by the end Sunrise : a fine and serene arpegio becoming joyful by the end In my fragile mind (band version) : fine but not as good as the piano version Closed (band version) : a very convincing progressive song Mi soledad : a beautiful music (nice violin solo) and a surprising deep voice. Emotional Revolution 2011 : another epic piece with nice orchestral arrangements Fairy tears : beautiful gliding music with what seems to be whales ch”

“....Love.... Questo album trasmette un non so che...Mi piace; Vedo il musicista chiudere gli occhi tante volte in queste sue note!Segno inconfondibile di un desiderio forte di trasmettere emozioni,senzazioni,paure..anche di sbagliare. Bene! Trovo il lavoro svolto qui un inconfondibile desiderio di Emergere e fare sentire un qualcosa che...tu, musicista, a parole non riesci a dire...Come ti capisco! Grazie della condivisione...Attendi che qualcuno, passi a tradurre questa mia recensione...( P.S. L'umiltà prima di tutto.Questo il motivo per qui spesso valuto bene prima di rilasciare delle recensioni,cosa che faccio appunto solo se reputo umile il musicista e motivato!)”

“Ces 5 petites pièces ("Five easy pieces") sont extrèmement agréables à écouter. La pureté du piano seul ne lasse pas, elle surprend par sa clarté, sa légéreté, son acuité, son émotivité et par dessus tout sa liberté charpentée par une solide technique. Superbe moment musical offert par un artiste qui dévoile son talent un peu plus à chaque publication. J'ai aimé les 5 morceaux mais j'ai une tendresse particulière pour le 2nd. Bravo Dave !”

“An exceptional articulate and elquently and beautifully free expressed..driven and determined... done interpretation of... great heavy-metal,melodic..even progressive-rocky album.. That stands up for the human conditions of freedom of speach and...fairness and equal sayings and laws... that affects us all. In a country and a world..where the people have a saying..and the majority win...which is quite ironic in away..As quite a few countries of late..have just been doing just that..standing up for themselves...and fight back...against the unjuist and unrightful things down to their people and lands...and the normal person on the street.. are standing shoulder to shoulder..arm in arm...with a cause and an attitude..that will not be pushed or shot down no more... Against the goverments and powers...that rule us all...they are fight back against them all.. How the might can fall and crumble...and the weak can become strong and stronger.. Do not get me wrong..life is unfair..and ...”

“Siiii !! Me gusta esto album! Me gustan las piezas metal y me gusta tambien el tema actual. Me gustan muchisimo los dos intervalos de solo piano muy suaves como siempre. Un album magnifico Dave. Enhorabuena!!!”

“So far, one of best album I listened on Jamendo. Great solo synth and great music overall! Highly recommended!!!”

“Vraiment très bien ! Du rock certes, mais aux différentes sonorités, tantôt prog, un poil jazzy et même du métal.Une grande diversité qui donne à cet album une très grande richesse et un plaisir d'écoute vraiment authentique.”

“superb demonstration of rock guitars, generally in Progressive style....not far from Kansas, for instance, fluent and melodic. Very nice!!”

“Que un teclista componga todo en un disco de metal progresivo suele dar resultados como este. Muchas ideas, variedad e imaginación. Hay mucha creatividad en este disco.”

“Progressive forms of music, has often a great effect on me. Whether the inclination is towards some form of rock, or jazz... or even some kind of fusion, I always have curiosity. The structurally somehow more complex compositions have a great power of seduction, either it's by the frequent variations that go happening all along or the challenge it conveys, since its non linearity and sometimes the apparently chocking mix of rhythms and styles, demands more of the listener, moreover considering that usually the tracks are longer than the average. This album, has a generally marked inclination over some more heavy rock forms. However, that tendency goes somehow being "relieved" by some of the sounds from the keyboards, which, provide lightness and a sort of melodic accent, that contrast and end up adding a balance effect. Decidedly, the album denotes quite a lot of boldness, considering some of the instrumental choices, as well as very interesting ideas and even some originality in the..”

“Świetne kompozycje. Całość pięknie zagrana. Bardzo przyjemnie i ładne brzmienie utworów. Moje gratulacje Dave. Z dużą przyjemnością dodaję do ulubionych i pobieram. Dziękuję,pozdrawiam.”

“'Golden Snake', is a eight track, Instrumental Hard Rock album. This Collection is the Musical Equivalent of 80 Proof Whiskey! Powerful, Undiluted and definitely not meant for "Light Weights". :D Musically, Hard Rock Driven By Electric Guitar, Synthesizer and Drum Kit Generate a Dazzling and Vibrant Selection of Rock Etudes(Studies). Track #2. 'Golden Snake', Ironically is almost as Techno as it Rock with the Extended and Intricate Keyboard Sythn Melody that takes over from the Guitar in the Track's Early Stage. Track #3. 'Alone', hits a Bluesy Note with a Melodic Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Synth Violin Sound. This Piece is as Calm and Laid back as Track #1. 'Butcher In Love', is Wild and Revved up. Overall, the Majority of the Selections are Hard Rock or Hard Rock- Techno Hybrids. Tracks such as #8. 'The Puzzle and #3. 'Alone' will have a strong appeal to Listeners who are NOT generally Hard Rock Fans yet still appeal to Hardcore Devotees to the Genre too.”

“tak słucham ....i słucham ...w opisie jest rock muzyka instrumentalna heavymetal powermetal progressivemetal kurcze czyżby ? no może przy Parabellum...ale nie koniecznie.... dla mnie rewelacja w całości .....troszkę powtarzają się dźwięki,hmm jakoś mi to nie przeszkadza.... Fantastyczny album , słucha się ...zajebiście..;-))) Dzięki i pozdrawiam ....:)”

“Powerful and rhythmic music! Composition of Alone, well discharges an atmosphere Album by melodiousness. I like all of this!:)”

“awesome...this realy impressed me! greatest shit ever heard since long time. so inovative.... dunno that there are so many more recs from you before...great :-) must have them all.... thanx for this great music!!!”

“dave is great at the piano: he can compose sweet pieces, or rithmed ones, the result is ever good!!”

“Magnifico perché è uno "sfogo" di emozioni più incisivo anche della vena metal dell'autore...ed è inutile commentare in tal senso le capacità tecniche. Così è il dialogo della musica pulito ed essenziale...per me il tuo album migliore e la tua migliore cifra. Ciao dall'ialia”

“Dave . . . I adore your piano .. .. it sounds good .. .. it feels good in my brain . . . where it flies like brilliant lights in the night . . . I find a space in your emotions that is shaped like me . .. like a womb or an endless universe . . . your piano playing is an elastic band that is stretched so taut that there is a moment just before the explosion . . when you know . . you sense . . . that this is the very best and this is all there is . . . all there is meant to be . . and this is where I rest in that eternal moment . . . "Nostradamus" drove me wild . . . a flight through the unknown . . . the mysterious . .. full and rich with details, slippery like dreams . .. lost like diamonds deep in the darkness of the mine . . . like a soul down a waterfall . . . filled with a bubble of joy . . . rolling with the music . . . Spectacular . . . stunning piano . . .”

“Track 6: "walking along a road, when just for a moment he turned his head back, and then backtrack again." This was my favourite track and this was what came to my mind while I was listening to the piano song. Track 1 and 2 are full f energy but gave me a sensation of mistery, like in a horror-film-soundtrack. Track 3: it reminds me a sort of soundtrack of cartoons (I don't why!). Also this track is full of energy. Track 5: 8-bit style. Fast arp and the predominance of synths are the principal features of this track, but I noticed also a string and guitar breack. Back in the past playing the game-boy. Track 6-7: similar to the firsts: fast arp of piano and rythm, rythm rythm. Pure energy. I noticed in these album new features (like the ambient intros and the 8-bit sounds). Very well done: sometimes the artist have to renew a litle his style.”

“i thought, "tripolarity" was the best album, i listened to since long , long time... now i have to correct myself... this is it!! it realy "the key"... the key to beautiful music. dunno what to say more about that creation... it's perfect, my opinion! listen to it, download it, you'll understand!”

“Non sono un gran appassionato del genere metal,ma Dave fa un eccezione, il suo carattere e la sua visceralità mi piacciono e non eccede in inutili stravaganze, lui conosce bene il suo mondo sonoro, amo molto ogni introduzione di piano.”

“I love soundtrack music, gives me power and energy. As all dave's music this music is powerful too, and energic. Close your eyes and dream your adventure!”

“Ad una musica da film altro non può chiedersi se non di fornire suggestioni ulteriori alle immagini in movimento. Ma una buona musica sa anche evocare immagini mentali, e creare la suggestione di scenari che ognuno può -a suo modo- costruire mentalmente. E questa, che è buona ed anzi ottima musica, ci riesce benissimo. Una nota particolare per la quarta traccia, un delizioso pezzo che profuma di tango, stupendamente orchestrato.”

“Some long time Members of Jamendo may associate Dave Imbernon with Modern to Hard Rock Compositions with the occasional foray into somewhat Symphonic Pop-Rock but in this Memorable Work the Style is Overtly Gentle and Romantic Easy Listening. Stately Strains of Grand Piano Melodies drive this Lovely Collection to the Realm of Elegant Bliss.”

“Everyone knows the way of playing the piano of Dave, knows that every album is a different emotion...this time...just amazing...a message of hope...”

“As soon as I heard the first few notes of "Image II" my heart melted and I was moved . . . . Dave's piano is some of the best on Jamendo and I was so thrilled when I saw the appearance of this emotional album . . .. and after listening to it I was not disappointed . . . These piano emotions were gently uplifting, yet thoughtful and introspective . . . dreamy and yet easy listening practical . . . I could listen to this gorgeous music all day, as the keys are stroked and the sweet sound of the piano flows like calming incense to filter through the atmosphere . . . This album is a treasure worth keeping and a gift to the listeners . . .”

“Comovedor, emocionante que decir mas Dave, Cuando escucho tu piano pienso que es mi musica, solo piano , sencillo, directo, sin cosas inutiles, verdadero...... Un abrazo y por favor sigue haciendo musica asi. (mmmm.... un poco de metal queda bien igual, pero no demasiado :-)))) )”

“Es un trabajo excepcional, para mi , con un valor , incalculable... sentimiento en el estado mas puro,.. Desde la portada , pasando por las dulces notas de ese piano ,que me ha envuelto totalmente,,,, y terminando por el tìtulo de cada paso , en este camino, por lo mas profundo del alma...... Gracias!!!!! fantàstico dave!!”

“No Kidding this is a Mega Album featuring 19 Instrumental Songs and it's a “Mixed Bag” with Rock, Techno Rock, Electronica Ambient, EZL, Lively, Chillout among others. All showcase Imbernon's Signature Rock Guitar to some extent others have a Grand Piano Voice(Track #4. 'My Moment' or Track #14. 'Dark Heart' to name just Two). Track #2. 'All My Essence', illustrates the aforementioned nicely as it demonstrates the assertion. Also this Track sounds very much like a variant of one of the compositions of fellow Jamendo Artist Stefano Mocini. Equally, Fans of Strong Percussion will NOT be disappointed. Any Song is a Good Starting Point but I suggest Track #10. 'Broken Mirror' to kick off the Album on a Rip Roaring Note. Find a comfortable chair, strap on the headphones and let take Flight.”

“Spectacular compositions . . . This lengthy album is just marvelous and intriguing with deeply moving, emotional, dark instrumentals . .. the guitar, the piano, the strings, the percussion . . . all combined to weave symphonies of dreams and desires . . . like a flight into the deepest reaches of space . . . not one corner was left unexplored; from hot to cold . . from bright to dark . . . this passionate album captivated my imagination and released me to fly . . . I think I liked "Tu Lienas Mi Mundo Vacio" the best of all with its sweet piano swooping into my heart (I love Dave's piano) . . . this is an album to listen to over and over again . . . .”

“Un bon album qui mélange bien les genres et qui oscille habilement entre metal, prog et même quelques sonorités pianistiques un peu jazzy ! Merci pour la recommandation !”

“Une musique extrêmement diversifiée, directement inspirée des années 70 / 80 où la notion de rock métal est bien présente mais pas aussi accentuée que pourrait faire penser le tag. Le piano est omniprésent, les guitares , synthies et percussions très bien captés. Un album finalement assez éclectique et plutôt réussi ! Merci pour la recommandation !”

“'Plug & Play', is a 13 track, Instrumental, Symphonic Easy Listening-Rock-Techno Triple Hybrid album. Serious Music need not be taken too Seriously but Enjoyed to the Utmost and this Collection of Hard Rock-Electric Guitar, Techno Synthesizer Keyboard and Symphonic EZL with Emphasis on Flute and Concert Style Piano is about as Serious as They come in Terms of Performance, Skill, Style and Sheer Pleasurable Listening Ambiance. Depending on which Track is being heard--the Album will come across a Fusion of Rock and Techno or Rock and EZL. Sometimes it will be a "Super Fusion" of Several Genres. For example, Track #12. 'Bye Bye', Opens with Sparkling Concert/Lounge Piano with a Power Pop Percussion Beat but before the Song is a Third Finished--shifts into Techno Synth Keyboard Overdrive! Electric Guitar/Bass underpins the Sound with Throbbing Power and just as quickly the Work transforms back into EZL. The Song is Pure Hybrid(which is a Contradiction yet Listen and Hear the Paradox ...”

“Good energy and also beautiful lyric poetry, This album pleased”

“DavePiano+DaveMetal+DaveSynth.....good job.”

“Wirklich sehr schöne Musik, kann man nicht anders sagen. Abwechslungsreich und Bunt, sollte man wirklich mal rein hören.”

“This is a dam good album a awesome album, high energy album and well put together”

“Cool music. Frequent change of rhythm and interesting arrangement. I listened to the album with pleasure.”

“This sentence that meand "much metal, but not too much" can summarize what that's in this album: in fact there is not the classic "metal" (or better: my ideal of metal it's power chords reapeated and repeated...), but here we have a delicious synphonic orchestration: choirs, piano, synths and of course, electric guitar and drums. The moods of the songs are quite differts: from the epic tone to the sweetness, to some 80' years rock-sound that's lovely (plug and play). My favorite song? "True" of course!”

“Si esto es una improvisación que baje Dios y lo vea. Dave Imbernön no solo demuestra su excelente calidad como teclista en Enuma Elish, grandes amigos del Komando, si no que ahora se embarca en un nuevo proyecto cuyo resultado es el que aquí os traigo. Puro deleite para los oidos, y todo ello sin utilizar nada más que su piano, del cual extrae estas maravillosas composiciones.”

“Dave Imbernön (teclista de Enuma Elish) nos presenta su nuevo trabajo en solitario bajo el título "From the other side". El disco está formado por 14 temas instrumentales grabados exclusivamente con teclado y piano digital y ha sido autoeditado por el propio Dave Imbernön”

“¡¡¡¡Impresionante!!!! Dave imbernön es un artista que no ha caído en la falta de originalidad, y a pesar de ser un tecladista de una banda de Heavy Metal (Enuma Elish) ha realizado uno de los mejores trabajos individuales que he visto jamás a un tecladista. "From the other side" es un disco que incluye buenos temas instrumentales, sobretodo los que desarrolla con el piano, que son exquisitos.”

Barbara Quesada - Mas que nada

“Dave Imbernön es teclista de la banda de metal Enuma Elish y ha estudiado piano clásico, priorizando la improvisación y la forma de componer del blues y el jazz. Tras una etapa intimista como cantautor por las salas de Madrid, decidió dejarse llevar por su verdadera pasión: el heavy metal. Ha pasado por grupos de hard rock, metal incluso pop con bandas como Defloreros, Perfil Pájaro, Rockside, Corporeah o Dandelium. Además, cuenta con un disco en solitario en el mercado, ‘Fears’, y una pequeña demo con improvisaciones ambientales de piano llamada ‘Improvisations from the garden’ en la actualidad, ha presentado otro nuevo trabajo en solitario, 'From the other side' y ha publicado el libro ‘Cómo ser teclista de Metal y no morir en el intento’”

“En "Improvisations from the garden" Dave logra crear unas atmósferas muy especiales, relajantes, que personalmente me recuerdan al “Scenes” de MARTY FRIEDMAN, solo que en lugar de ser un trabajo de guitar heroe, se centra en los teclados. Muy recomendable para escuchar tranquilamente y disfrutar de las atmósferas en las que nos envuelve Dave Imbernön.”